Friday, June 27, 2008

Miss Rudy's perfect day

Miss Rudy woke up on Saturday morning with a smile on her face, because she knew it was goind to be a perfect day. The sun was out, there was a nice breeze and Daddy was off today. I She strolled into the kitchen where he was cooking bacon. Daddy had it ready just the way that Rudy liked it, and he broke off half a piece of cooled and drained bacon and fed it to her. Peep came in begging, but Daddy made sure that Rudy had all she wanted before he even loked at Peep. Finally Rudy decided that she was done with the bacon and waited by the back door for Daddy to notice that she wanted to go out. He noticed, as he always did, and stopped feeding Peep to let her out.

Rudy walked out into the backyard and considered whether she should have Daddy let her back in or have an outdoor nap. Seeing LT on the porch, Rudy decided to join him, since he adored her so. Rudy walked onto the porch and settled down next to LT. He snuggled up to him, and he nuzzled her ear and licked her face to show that he cared. The two of them fell asleep just lying the beautiful sunlight.

When I Rudy woke, it was time for a hunt. There were mice out there just waiting to be caught. She prowled out to the edge of the trees and settled down silently to wait for her prey. After only a few minutes, she heard a group of mice singing as they walked through the trees. The little rodents were singing about how smart they were and how they’d never be caught by cats. As they walked towards Rudy she burst out of her hiding place and surprised the mice. She caught one under each paw and one in her mouth, leaving a fourth to run back to all his little mice friends to tell of her hunting prowess. LT stood by, amazed at her skill. She graciously shared her mice with him, because he adored her so much.

Peep came out while they were dining and asked if she could have a mous, since they had three. LT looked at her and told her to get lost, this was his and Rudy’s together time and she was just in the way. Peep slunk back to the house, crushed.

After their bounteous lunch, I Rudy lay on the porch and prepared for a bath. She washed her beautiful fur until it shown like silk and was as soft as a baby bunny’s tummy. She stood at the back door for a moment, meowed once and the Daddy rushed from the office to let Rudy into the house. He opened a fresh can of food for her, but since she was still full, she simply nosed it and walked into the bedroom where she arranged herself on the comforter – a picture of beauty. All in all, it was a perfect day.

OK, here’s the scoop. When I came to Blogger today to write today’s installment, I found that this had already been posted by Miss Rudy. I’m not one to turn down a free day, even if I don’t think she did justice to poor Peep. On the other hand, I have been writing about Peep a lot in the last few days, and this must have been Rudy’s way of getting back into the story line! - Ande

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