Monday, June 16, 2008

Mommy's WHERE?

After sunset on Monday, Peep lay in an open window in the office, keeping the Daddy company while he watched the little screen and played with the little boxes in the frame on the desk. Every once in a while he’d say something unintelligible, but Peep really wasn’t paying attention. The phone rang, and the Daddy answered it. He talked for a few minutes, and then pushed something on one of the funny plastic boxes on the desk.

“Peep, can you hear me?” said a very familiar voice. Peep’s head came up immediately. That was the Mommy’s voice!

“Peep, I miss you very much you know. I wish I could pick you up and give you a big kiss right now, Peep.” Peep couldn’t see the Mommy, but she knew that was her voice. She jumped down out of the window ran into the hallway. The voice wasn’t coming from the hallway, but she had to be out there, or in the kitchen, because Peep could hear her very plainly.

“She just ran into the kitchen, Mary Rose. I don’t think she understands telephones,” said the Daddy.

The Mommy wasn’t in the kitchen, and the voice was clearly coming from the office, so Peep ran back into there, calling, “Mommy, where are you? I can here you but I can’t find you!”

“Can you hear her, Mary Rose? She’s calling for you, I think,” the Daddy said. He scooped up Peep and sat down at his desk, putting her in his lap. Peep’s nose was barely an inch from the edge of the desk, so when she heard the voice again, she knew it was coming from the box on the desk that the Daddy called the phone.

“Peep, I’m right here, can’t you hear me?” the Mommy asked.

Peep answered, “I can hear you Mommy, but I can’t see you. I just see the box on the desk, that phone thing and it has your voice….”

“I hear you little Peep, don’t worry, I still love you.” The Mommy sounded glad to hear her voice, almost as glad as Peep was to hear the Mommy. If only she could see the Mommy, though.

“Give me a kiss, Peep,” said the Mommy.

Peep thought for a moment, and then leaned over and nuzzled the phone, and said to it, “Tell me that you’re not in that little box, Mommy. How can you give me kisses, if you’re in that little box.”

The Daddy picked up the handset for the phone, talked to it for a few minutes more, and hung up. He put Peep on the desk, facing him and said, “Well, do you feel better, now that you’ve talked to the Mommy?” He gently scratched her head as he said this.

Peep wasn’t sure how she felt. She loved hearing the Mommy’s voice, but was upset about her being in that little phone box. How could the Mommy give her pats or cook bacon if she was in a little box like that? It didn’t have hands, which could be even worse than not having thumbs!

Peep settled back down in the open window, but instead of looking outside, she stared steadily at the phone. She spoke to it occasionally saying, “Mommy, are you there? Can you hear me?” The phone didn’t answer. After Peep thought about for a while, she remembered that the Mommy had talked only after the phone had rung. So, if it didn’t make it’s jingly sound, the Mommy wasn’t there, or awake, or something like that.

Peep went in search of Rudy and LT. She found LT and told him about her conversation with the Mommy and her thoughts about the Mommy being in the little box.

LT was as confused as Peep was. "The Mommy wouldn’t fit in that little phone box, Peep, plus we know she’s in Virginia.”

“But the Mommy didn’t say she was in Virginia any more, LT. She did say she wished she could hug me, and if she’d turned into a box she wouldn’t be able to hug me, would she?” Peep was getting quite upset.

“Did she say anything else, Peep?” LT asked.

“Of course. She said she loved me and missed me,” Peep said almost crying.

"Well, she wouldn’t say she missed you if she was going to live on the desk in the little box from now on, would she?” LT used his excellent logic to show that the Mommy couldn’t have turned into a phone.

“Well, I guess not. Thanks for talking to me, LT.” Peep conceded, and went back inside.

After thinking a bit more, she still wasn’t quite convinced that the Mommy wasn’t in the phone box thing. Just to play it safe, she jumped up on the Daddy’s desk and gave the phone some kisses, and then snuggled up next to it and told it good night.

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