Sunday, June 22, 2008

This blog has been hijacked by Rudy

I just found out that the yarn lady has been writing this blog, whatever that is, about us for the past three weeks. She used my email account to start it, of all things! When I was checking my email yesterday, I decided to surf the net a bit, and when I checked my Google account, I found, surprise, that there was a blog on my account with of all things, Peep’s name on it. Yeah, I know the email address has all our names, but it’s my email, because the others can’t even type, or read that well. Peep and LT can barely get by reading the cat food cans and the newspaper, which rarely comes in our house anyway. I didn't like today's entry, so I decided to delete it and write my own. Here goes -

The things she’s been writing about us! Exaggeration doesn’t even begin to describe it. That thing about Peep counting – she’s got to have made that one up. Peep doesn’t have enough brains to come in out of the rain, much less count. I heard Daddy say once that if Peep were a person she’d be a blond. I agree – she’s cute and sweet, but she’s a few cards short of a deck in the intelligence department.

And LT – well, he hasn’t been the one calming Peep, it’s been me. I’m the one who tucks Peep into bed at night and gives her kisses, not LT. He couldn’t care less about Peep, because he has eyes only for yours truly. Since I moved in here I’ve had him wrapped around my little toe.

Well, I do agree that we are worried about the Daddy being gone. It’s Sunday, and he’s still not back. I wish I could call him on the phone and talk to him, although it probably wouldn’t do any good, since although I understand him, he doesn’t understand me. Humans are just not that smart, when it comes down to it. I think he should be home today or tomorrow, though, because that’s what the yarn lady said.

I’m going to talk to her for sure when she comes over today. I’ll give her a piece of my mind for writing a blog about us without asking our permission. Isn’t that like identity theft, or theft of intellectual property?

I do think the picture of me on the blog is rather nice, though. The other pictures in the blog are good, too. She’s done a good job finding pictures, although none of the ones really look like me. She should take more pictures of me, I think. I’m way more beautiful than LT or Peep. Well, this has taken so long that I need to have my nap now. A cat needs her beauty sleep, you know!

Rudy, “The Beautiful”
(She did write that about me, you know. It says it right below my picture!)


Adlpated said...

Rudy, I can't believe you did this! I'm writing this story to cheer up your Mommy and Daddy and anyway, I didn't know this blog would use your email address.

Peep can too count. You just don't pay enough attention to her. Rudy,
it's not all about you!

Mary Rose said...

Rudy, and I love you, LT, and the PEEP!!!
I will be home to visit all of you, even the DADDY on 4th of July Weekend. Now be good...The Mommy