Saturday, June 21, 2008


When Peep awoke on Saturday morning she went in search of breakfast. She hoped for bacon, but would settle for some fresh squishy food. The plate on the floor was empty, and the dry food was half eaten. What was wrong with the Daddy? Then Peep remembered that he’d gone to Virginia to see the Mommy and she sat down and sighed. She checked the bedroom, just in case he’d come in late, but the bed was still made and there was no sign of the Daddy.

Peep sadly ate some of the dry food and went to look for Rudy or LT. They were both sitting on the deck, enjoying the cool weather. LT looked at Peep and asked, “Are you okay this morning, Peep?”

“I’d be better if there was squishy food, LT, but I’m all right.” She sat down near LT and nuzzled his head. “Do you think the Daddy will be back today?”

“I don’t think so, Peep. When the yarn lady left last night she told Rudy that she’d be feeding us for a few days.“ LT shook his head. “I don’t like the Daddy going off like that. He knows how much we need him.”

Rudy had something to say. “He did get the yarn lady to feed us though. He didn’t abandon us or anything, LT.”

The yarn lady’s car pulled up just then, and she got out and called to them, “Good morning, kitties!”
Rudy followed her in the back door. “Thank you for the delicious tuna last night and what did you bring this morning? We’re hungry!”

The yarn lady washed and refilled the water dish and replenished the crunchies and then opened a can of squishy food. She sat and talked with the cats for a while before leaving and saying she’d be back later.

“Well at least we’re getting fed,” LT grumbled.

All three cats wandered around like lost souls all afternoon. Ginger came over to see if their person had returned and commiserated when she found that he was still away.

“If he doesn’t come back maybe we should all just run away.” Ginger suggested. “I’ve heard that Pottawattamie is a beautiful place for cats.”

LT sighed. He had always wanted to go there, but now was not the time. “Good try, Ginger, but we’re not leaving. The Daddy will need us here when he comes home,” and LT settled down to wait.

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