Saturday, July 19, 2008


It is very late at night and all of the cats are asleep. LT is asleep outside under the trees. It was still hot when he decided it was bedtime, and so he decided to find a spot where he could sleep directly on the cool dirt. He’s moved away dried leaves and pine needles and cleared himself a nice flat area on which to sleep. His head is pillowed on one front paw, as he is sleeping partially on his right side with his legs stretched out to allow any breeze to cool his belly. What is he dreaming of?

In LT’s dream he is in a large basket in the corner of the living room, surrounded by five kittens. Three of them are tigers and look remarkably like LT, although their fur seems to be longer. They have kittenish ears, that is to say they are very small and close to their heads. One is black and short haired and the other is black and white with long feathery fur. It’s too early to tell easily if they are boy or girl kittens to an outsider, but LT knows that two of the tigers are males and the other three are females. Their mother is out in the kitchen, helping herself to a well-deserved meal, and LT, the proud father is minding his kittens. He rasps his tongue, cleaning one of the males who is sticking very close to his daddy. The other male is the intrepid one of the litter. He’s trying to follow his mother into the kitchen, although he isn’t very steady on his feet yet. He’s made it to the edge of the basket, and if LT doesn’t do something, he is likely to topple out onto the floor. LT quickly reaches out and pulls the kitten back in before he can hurt himself. The little girls are crawling all over him. One is on his back, and one has just fallen off of his head, as she was trying to sit on top of it. The third is gnawing on his toes, possibly trying to nurse. LT looks up as he hears the Mommy come into the room. She tells him what beautiful kittens he has fathered and how proud she will be to have the in the house forever and ever. LT is unfortunately awakened at this point by a passing opossum, who steps on a twig, breaking it loudly. LT grumbles and tries to return to his dream, but it is gone.

Miss Rudy is asleep on the trunk in the living room. She fell asleep on it after pulling the nice fuzzy cover off of it, because it was just too warm to sleep on it. She likes the breeze she gets from the windows when she sleeps on the trunk, but not the warmth of the fuzzy thing. Rudy is practically lying on her back with her rear legs splayed, showing her belly for anyone to see, if there happened to be anyone in the room. Her breath makes little whistling noises since she is sleeping in such a contorted position. (Her head is pointing to one side, partially closing her throat.) Even in such a position, Rudy is beautiful. Her white belly fur is luxurious and her long white ruff stands out from the surrounding black fur.

Rudy dreams of clouds of butterflies. She is in the midst of them, and they are darting in all directions, playing with her. There are monarchs, luna moths, swallowtails, painted ladies, hummingbird moths, lacewings and blue morphos. These butterflies would never in nature be seen in the same area or at the same time of day, but in Rudy’s dream she is surrounded by them. Her black and white coloration is a stark contrast to their many colors. A luna moth, with a wingspan of almost five inches swoops down to hover near Rudy’s nose. Rudy reaches up with a velveted paw to touch the moth’s wing and the two of them dance off together, the moth flying upward and Rudy leaping to gracefully follow it. After a few moments, the luna lands on a bush and is replaced by a hummingbird moth, whose wings move so fast they can barely be seen. This moth lands squarely on top of Rudy’s head and issues an invitation for Rudy to play tag. Rudy enthusiastically accepts, and the game is on. Rudy is “it” and all the butterflies are hers to tag, if she can get to them before they get to home base, a marble statue of a cat who is reaching a paw up to the sky. The butterflies are off instantly, but to make it fair, they fly at a level where Rudy can reach them, but only if she jumps. Rudy gently tags a swallowtail with her own tail, and then races for the hummingbird moth. She narrowly misses it as it slides between the branches of a bush, where it is safe. Rudy decides on another target, and goes after a splendid painted lady, but narrowly misses her as the butterfly seems to magically slip aside. She takes another leap of it and gently touches it with a paw. She races towards the statue, now obscured by the butterflies perching upon it. She stops in awe, as she sees the statue, now a patchwork cat made up of hundreds of butterflies. As she admires the statue she falls deeper asleep and the dream slips away.

Peep is asleep next to the Daddy. She is curled tightly and the tip of her tail is just touching her nose. Anyone looking at her would guess that there is a round black pillow on the covers, as in the dark, no part of her is distinguishable. She sleeps silently, secure with the Daddy close by.

Peep’s dream is of her sitting with the Mommy in the living room. Mommy has her computer and is working on an important math formula that she brought home from NASA to complete over the winter. She is stumped. She can’t figure out how to make some of the numbers work in the formulas. The number systems and mathematics she has learned just doesn’t seem to apply here. Peep looks over the papers the Mommy is working on, and somehow they make more sense than they had before the summer. Maybe the Mommy is using a simpler type of math, or maybe Peep has just become that much smarter this summer. When the Mommy goes to get a cup of coffee, Peep looks through the amassed papers. She is still carefully analyzing one particular section when the Mommy returns. She sees that Peep is hard at work, and decides to see if a cat can make more sense of it than she can. After an hour’s hard work, Peep discovers that the counting system she developed over the summer could be used to convert the numbers in the Mommy’s formula, and that if she did that it would work perfectly. Peep snatched the paper with the formula and ran outside with it. She found an unmarked patch of dirt and began her figuring. The Mommy found her out there a while later, hard at work. She was about to take back her paper when she saw what Peep was doing, and leaned down to look closer. As she looked at it, she realized that Peep was really onto something. Peep had written out the counting system, and then had used her symbols in the formulas and was in the process of doing the final calculations. The Mommy sat down with a thump and looked at the Peep in awe. “Peep, you’ve done it! I’ve been working on this for weeks, and haven’t been able to make any progress and you’ve figured it out!” Peep barely acknowledged her as she finished the calculation. When she was done, she sat back and smiled at the Mommy. Maybe, just maybe, she was a smart little cat. Peep purred, both in the dream and in her sleep, and the Daddy’s hand reached out on the bed and gently rubbed her head. Peep woke briefly, nuzzled his hand and went back to sleep.

Sleep well, cats.
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A system whose members are as follows: {...-4,0,4,8,...}. What a brilliant little black kitty the PEEP is. Love always, THE MOMMY PERSON. PS Three more weeks till I'm home :)