Friday, July 25, 2008

LT declares his love

It was Friday, and LT was dreading tonight’s meeting of the Cat Club. He knew he needed to talk to Rudy before the meeting, but he also knew that it wouldn’t be an easy conversation. He sighed and set out to look for her.

He found Rudy lying in the sun by the back door. “Oh, LT, isn’t a beautiful day!” She rolled over on her back, showing her beautiful white belly.

“Rudy, you know how much I love you, don’t you?” LT sat down near Rudy. He wanted to be close, but not too close, in case she got angry with him.

Rudy gone him a sharp look “Cats don’t ask that kind of question unless they are about to do something that shows they don’t love you. What is going on, LT?”

Groaning, LT said, “I knew this wasn’t going to go well.”

“What isn’t going well, LT?”

“Rudy, I think I fell in love with you the first time Daddy brought you in the house. You were so beautiful and brave. Your legs hurt so much, but you didn’t show it. You were so polite to me and the Peep. I was mad at Daddy for making you go back out in the cold garage.” He shook his head, remembering that day. “And then you came in to live with us for good and I was so happy. You filled an empty place in my heart that I never knew I had. I’ve tried to show you that. I’m not always good with words. You are my love.”

Rudy looked at him in amazement. “LT, that was beautiful. I know you love me, silly cat!”

“Good, now remember that. You have to remember that.” LT sighed. “Ginger is going to have kittens soon, and she’s asked me to stand in as their father.”

“Of course she’s having kittens. Any ninny could see that. But I know you’re not their father.” Rudy was confused.

“Yes, but since they don’t have a father here she wants me to be with her to help with the kittens. Kind of like adopting them. But that has nothing to do with you and me, Rudy. I don’t love Ginger. Just you.”

Rudy thought about this. She didn’t think there was anything to be upset about. Ginger just needed help, and a cat wanted a father for her kittens. It made perfect sense. “LT, there is no problem. Ginger needs help, and you’re going to give it to her. If I were in her position, I’d ask the same thing. You’d be a great father, LT. I’m sorry you can’t have kittens of your own.”

This was a huge weight off of LT’s mind. He was so afraid that Rudy would be jealous, and a jealous Rudy was something he wasn’t prepared for. She could be downright vengeful when she was angry. “Thank you for understanding, Rudy. You’re the best!” He moved closer and snuggled down next to her, glad that the weather was cool enough to make this a comfortable thing to do. Now, if the next week or so would go as smooth as this, everything would be all right.

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