Thursday, July 3, 2008


On Thursday morning, the Daddy was up and around early, whistling and singing. He sat down at the table with LT and announced that he was on his way to pick up Mary Rose at the airport. He ruffled the fur on LT’s head as he went out the door, still whistling.

LT finished his breakfast quickly and ran into the living room to pass this important information on to the Peep. “Peep, wake up, get up, do something! The Mommy’s coming home today!” LT playfully cuffed Peep’s back and danced a little bit. No senior statesman cat today – LT was a happy cat and willing to show it.

“Are you sure, LT? You thought you heard him say yesterday that she was coming home.” Peep was happy, but didn’t want to get her hopes up again. She had cried herself to sleep last night, and didn’t want another night like that.

“Daddy said that he was going to pick her up at the airport. That’s the place where planes land. She must be flying back from Virginia on an airplane. Whee!” LT did a tight circle, chasing his own tail. “That’s why the Daddy has cleaning so much this week! He wanted it to be perfect for Mommyyyyyyyy!”

Looking around, Peep thought that it was still far from perfect. There was a lot more furniture than had been there before and the Mommy didn’t like too much “stuff” around. It was definitely cleaner, though. Peep sighed with happiness. It would be heaven if the Mommy came home. Their family would be together again.

LT ran out to tell Miss Rudy, who was still in a foul mood from her snubs from LT and Ginger a few days ago. “Who cares if she comes home, furball? You just want her to cook bacon. You don’t even like her. Leave me alone.”

“What a grump,” LT thought, and settled under a bush to wait for them to arrive. He had no idea how long it would take to get to the airport and back, but he could snooze here and hear the car come in. He could be the first one to greet them when they arrived.

It was lunchtime, and there was no sign of the Daddy or the Mommy. LT decided to go inside for a smackeral and then resume his watch. He ate some nice squishy food and finished off with a few mouthfuls of crunchies. As he cleaned his face, he heard a car pull into the driveway. Should he run outside, or make sure the Peep was awake – decisions, decisions. He opted to get Peep, and the two of them sat right inside the kitchen door, waiting for the Mommy.

They heard voices, and then Mary Rose (aka the Mommy) opened the back door, calling, “Peep, LT, you came to meet me. Come get kisses!” Peep was delighted to hear that, and rushed to wreath around her ankles. LT was no less excited, but he wasn’t a cat who liked kisses. He stayed where he was, purring loudly.

Peep and the Mommy launched into simultaneous monologues about how each had missed the other. “Peep, I missed you so much. I loved hearing you talk on the phone, but it wasn’t the same as seeing you. I asked Jay to bring you down when he came to visit, but did he? Noooo, he did not. Come kiss the Mommy.” She picked Peep up and nuzzled her fur and kissed her nose. Although Peep didn’t usually like to be picked up, it was okay just this once.

As the Mommy was having her say, Peep told her, “Mommy, I’ve missed you so much. I was afraid you’d never come home again but now you’re home for good and you’ll never leave me again. LT went to try to find you, but Virginia is too far, but he found the Navy instead. And yesterday he went again, but he just got greasy from Daddy’s truck. I hated it when the Daddy went to see you, but the yarn lady was nice to us. I’m soooooooo glad you’re back!”

Mary Rose dumped her bag on the table and put on a pot of coffee. It was so nice to be able to work in a kitchen where you didn’t need to clean everything before you used it. She put a few things in the bedroom, talking to the Peep all the while. She then settled down in the living room and Peep joined her on the couch. LT lay on the trunk across from the couch and just smiled at the Mommy.

“Jay, I think LT is smiling at me. Come look at him,” Mary Rose called out to Jay in the kitchen.

“I think you’re right. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cat smile before, but he sure looks like it.” Jay settled down next to Mary Rose, scooping up the Peep and putting her in Mary Rose’s lap.

“Hey, who do you think you are? I’m sitting with the Mommy! She’s mine!” Peep wasn’t interested in sharing right now.

“How can you complain, Peep? She’s here and not in Virginia anymore.” LT as always was the voice of reason.

The Mommy snuggled with the Daddy and Peep and just enjoyed being home, and Peep decided that she’d just enjoy it rather than complaining. This was heaven. The Mommy home again, where she belonged.

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