Friday, July 18, 2008

New members at the Cat Club

LT called the meeting of the Cat Club to order. “Tonight I would like to propose four new members for membership in our Cat Club. Most of you probably have already met them. I know we didn’t get off to a good start, but I think we can all be friends if we try. I propose the following members, Mr. Snuggles, Ladybug, Bunny, and Snoogums. Can I have us show of paws of those cats in favor of accepting them into our club?”

Rudy and Peep immediately raised a paw. Ginger hesitantly raised one and Fuzzy sat with all four paws squarely on the ground. “All those opposed?” Fuzzy raised a paw defiantly. “Is there any discussion?” said LT.

Fuzzy raised his paw and said, “If you think I’m gonna be in the same club with those four dips you’re crazy. They beat me up, insulted me for my name and now they want to be friends? Their names are even stupider than mine. Who in the world would name a cat Snoogums or Mr. Snuggles? Ladybug and Bunny are just animal names. At least Fuzzy describes me, because I have a fuzzy tail.”

LT looked at each of the current members and asked, “Would anyone like to say anything in support of the potential members?”

Peep raised a paw. “I didn’t think I would like them, because they were mean to you and LT, Fuzzy. But now that I’ve had a chance to get to know them I think they’re actually kind of nice. They were afraid that being the new cats in the neighborhood they would get picked on so they decided to pick on everyone else first. It wasn’t right, but I can understand that they were scared. Fuzzy, you attack LT and Rudy and me and we don’t kick you out of the club. Please give them a chance?”

Fuzzy looked at the ground for a long time. Finally he said, “All right, but if there are any problems I’m going to beat up the whole lot of you.”

LT sat up straight and said, “The vote to accept Mr. Snuggles, Ladybug, Bunny, and Snoogums into our club is finished. I now declare them members.” LT walked over to the edge of the woods and meowed lovely and then came back to his place. In a few moments the four new cats walked over and sat down with the group.

Each member of the group introduced him or herself and told a little bit about their background. The new members told amusing little stories about their owner who was a bit of a batty old lady. She had been known to dress up her cats in doll clothes and arrange them for photographs. Snoogums said, “If we can ever bring you in the house, I’ll show you the photo album that has all those crazy pictures in it. It’s really funny.”

When it was Fuzzy’s turned to introduce himself he said, “Yeah, my name is Fuzzy and I was named that because although Peep and I look alike my tail is really fuzzy and hers is really skinny. Unlike Peep, I didn’t get adopted by a nice fancy family. I still live where I was born and have to struggle for food. Sometimes my owners feed me but a lot of the time they don’t. Sometimes they put food out but then throw rocks at me when I go to eat. If I had a better place to go I would but I don’t. I don’t take kindly to being picked upon by pampered house pets and then ridiculed for my name. So you new four just stay out of my way.”

Ginger raised her paw. “I am delighted that we have new members, especially since two of them are ladies. We see the same faces day after day and it’s nice to have someone new to talk to. Please accept my welcome to the neighborhood.” Ginger was always so ladylike and everything she said sounded lovely with her beautiful southern accent.

Bunny spoke up, “Well, thank you Ginger. I’m delighted to have such beautiful and handsome new neighbors and such gracious ones. Fuzzy, I can really understand why you’re angry. I’d be raging mad if someone had done to me what we did to you. Please accept my personal apology.” The other three new cats quickly followed with personal apologies to Fuzzy.

“Okay, okay, okay! I forgive you all. Now, just leave me alone.” Although Fuzzy’s words were impatient, he seemed to be captivated by Bunny. She had batted her eyes at Fuzzy and he was all flustered. No female cat had ever acted like that to him before. These could be interesting neighbors.

The rest of the meeting was quite routine but for once after the meeting was over all of the cats did not scatter quickly for their homes. Peep bravely stayed outside to talk to Ladybug while Fuzzy sat down to talk to Bunny. LT huddled in conversation with Ginger and Miss Rudy was monopolized by Snoogums and Mr. Snuggles, who seemed to adore her.

It wasn’t until Jay came home that the cats realized how late it was. He walked up to the group and was happy to see them all getting along so well. “Sorry to interrupt this meeting of the Cat Club, folks. I’m just passing through.” The cats decided that they’d talked late enough, and everyone headed for home.

Photo courtesy of Makoto SATSUKAWA -

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