Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quiet Sunday

On Sunday, all three cats decided it would be a good day to just hang around inside. Beth Rudy and LT had been warned back into the yard on Saturday by the cat gang. Neither had enjoyed the experience and they hadn’t quite figured out what to do yet. So, they decided to hang around with the Daddy.

LT sat with the Daddy at breakfast, and after he finished eating lay down on the table just to keep Daddy company. He received nice head scratching, which was quite enjoyable. LT finally drifted off to sleep, still on the kitchen table, something that would not be allowed if the Mommy was home. There were a few nice things about her absence, but he would have rather had bacon.

Peep was lying on the Mommy’s desk and daydreaming about her. If the Mommy was here, she’d chase away those mean cats so fast. She’d never let anyone hurt her cats. Peep remembered how upset she’d been when Fuzzy had hurt Rudy. It would be just like that. Hmm, Peep wondered if the cats could use that animal trap for those mean cats. She should ask LT about that. Peep fell asleep and dreamed that the little mice who usually combed her belly fur with little golden combs were chasing the bad cats with kabob skewers. Peep giggled in her sleep.

Rudy was making herself beautiful in the living room. Actually, she thought it was hard to improve upon perfection, but it never hurt to try. She lay on the gas fireplace as she groomed so that she could also keep an eye on the yard. The bullfrog was croaking merrily away in the lily pond, and a few brave chipmunks looked for food under the pine trees. It was picture perfect, as long as she didn’t look towards the woods. If she did, she’d probably see those darned cats.

The Daddy finished his second cup of coffee and decided to work in his radio room for a while. As he walked to the garage he thought he saw a cat in the trees. He knew it wasn’t one of his, because oddly enough all three were asleep in the house. That usually only happened in winter, or when it was raining. Since the day was warm and sunny he had no idea why they were all inside.

When he emerged from the radio room it was to the sound of a cat fight. Concerned that it might be one of his three, he ran around the garage to the trees. He was amazed to see Fuzzy trying to take on three cats at one time. He ran towards them, yelling at the three interlopers to leave Fuzzy alone. He didn’t like Fuzzy much, because hid hurt the cats in his house, but didn’t want to see Fuzzy get hurt.

The three cats scattered, and Fuzzy lay panting on the ground. Jay walked carefully over to Fuzzy, but Fuzzy wasn’t hurt enough to let himself be touched. He ran to his own yard and Jay followed. The owners of the property were out in the yard, so Jay approached them.

“I just saw your cat being beaten on by three strange cats. Do you have any new cats?” He doubted if they cared, but if those cats belonged to these folks he wanted to know.

“Nah, but we seen those nasty buggers yesterday. Them’s mean ‘ums.” The men laughed at the thought of the mean cats, so Jay just walked back to his own yard.

After looking around for the strange cats he walked to the back door. Entering the house, he found all three cats, perched in the open windows in the office – just watching the woods.

“Be careful, kitties.” I’ll keep an eye out, but you need to water yourselves.”

LT smiled. The Daddy knew there was a problem, and he’d help them solve it.

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