Monday, July 7, 2008


When Peep woke up on Monday the Mommy’s desk had been cleared off and everything put back in its place. Peep was relieved to see that she’d done no permanent damage, but was still very ashamed of her behavior. Imagine, a tantrum at her age! She was no kitten to be involved in such foolishness.

The Daddy was sitting with his coffee when Peep walked into the kitchen for her breakfast. “Are you feeling better this morning, Peep?” asked the Daddy.

“Yes, thank you; I am. I’m sorry was such a kitten yesterday. I’ll try to be more responsible, Daddy.”
The Daddy ruffled her fur and headed out to work for the day. Miss Rudy came in, saying. “Wow, Peep. You sure made a royal mess yesterday. That should go down in the annals of cat history for revenge. I’ve heard stories about cats that did stuff like that, but I’ve never seen it for myself. You go, girl!”

That was not what Peep wanted to hear right now. “Have you ever been mad enough to do anything like that, Rudy?” Peep asked.

“All the time. You do something I don’t like and I won’t talk to you, or I’ll say something mean, or hide a toy or eat your food. You know.”

“No I don’t, Rudy. I don’t do things like that,” Peep replied calmly.

“Hmm. You’re right. You don’t. It’s almost un-catlike. Cats are known for their quick tempers.” Rudy looked at Peep curiously. You’re almost more like a dog. They like everyone.” Rudy finished her breakfast and went outside to sit in the sun.

Now instead of Peep thinking she was a horrible cat for being so mean, she wondered if she was just a goody-two-shoes. She lay in the living room with her head in her paws thinking. As LT entered through the cat door, Peep sighed a great sigh.

“What’s cooking, Jellybean?” asked LT.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to be, LT. Last night I was mean and messed up Mommy’s desk. But Rudy said I’m usually too nice. Am I too mean or too nice, LT?”

“You’re just you, Peep. Like everyone else, sometimes you’re happy and do nice things and then sometimes you’re mad and do mean things. No one is happy all the time or angry all the time. Even Fuzzy has days when he’s nice or silly. I do think though, that in your litter you got an extra helping of niceness and Fuzzy got the leftovers.” LT settled down and washed Peep’s ears as though she was a kitten.

“You always know what to say to make me feel better, LT. You’re a wise cat.” Peep purred her approval.

“By the time you’re as old as I am you’ll be wise too, Peep. You have a kind heart. Now, let’s get outside and enjoy this beautiful day.”

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