Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rudy, standing in for the yarn lady

Hi, Rudy here.

I got an email from the yarn lady last night, asking me to write the blog today. She said she’d had a lump on her tongue cut out on Wednesday and didn’t feel up to writing, so here I am. I thought about having a lump cut out of my tongue, and had Peep stick out her tongue, as I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at a tongue before. Tongues are really quite thin, you know. She probably has a hole going right through her tongue. No wonder she doesn’t want to write today. She’s probably just lying around with her tongue hanging out saying “Owww, owww.” I feel bad for her, so I’ll do a nice catch up today for her.

Daddy’s feeling much better. He got up today and did things around the house. He ate a really good breakfast (and fed us bacon while he was at it) and watched television and read his book. He said he didn’t feel well enough to go to work, though. Mommy was worried about him. She called every day at least twice to make sure he was okay. I don’t know what she could have done from down in Virginia, but it’s nice to know she still cares about us.

I thought for a while on Tuesday that I was going to have be like Lassie and go for help for the Daddy. I would have gone to the neighbors and meowed until they came over, or maybe sent an email to the yarn lady, telling her to come over. I know she usually checks her email a lot since she can’t work anymore. I’m glad the Daddy got better on his own, though. It would have been hard to get the neighbors to come in the house. They’d just think I was asking to be let in. I probably would have had more luck with the yarn lady. She would have called or come over and taken care of the Daddy.

We’re all okay here. It’s a good thing that cats can’t get sick from people germs. We wouldn’t want to have the Daddy’s cold. He was so achy and miserable. Picture three cats lying around in misery. We’re all such drama queens (and king, I guess) that the Daddy would have thought we were all dying! That would have made him very worried, and he doesn’t need that with trying to get better and keep the house nice and feed us and all.

Well, that’s about it for today. If the yarn lady asks me to write again tomorrow I’ll come up with something nice. Perhaps I could write one of the kitty tails that my cat mother used to tell me when I was a kitten….

Just a quick postscript from the yarn lady -

I don't have a hole through my tongue, just a hole in my tongue. People tongues are a lot thicker than cat tongues, Rudy.

Thanks for taking the blog today!

The Yarn Lady


Anonymous said...

I hope the yarn lady feels better today...The Mommy
PS it is the yarn lady's Birthday

Adlpated said...

No, yesterday was the yarn ladies birthday. Happy birthday to me! Th