Sunday, July 20, 2008

Too hot...

It is too hot today to do anything. Everyone in the household is doing as little as possible, and doing that in the coolest place they can find. Peep and Rudy are both lying on the tile floor in the living room. Peep is sprawled on her stomach, with as much of her as possible making contact with the cool tile floor. Rudy is taking a different approach. She's lying on her back, exposing as much of her belly to any moving air that might possibly cool her.

LT is outside, having cleared a space in the dirt in the deepest shade he could find. He alternates between lying on his back and lying on his side, and occasionally clears a new spot as he finds he's transferred too much of his body heat to the dirt to be comfortable.

The Daddy is in his radio room, which is usually fairly cool, at least if he puts a fan on. Today he's wondering if he should actually put in the air conditioner, in case it's too hot to sleep tonight. It's 90 degrees right now, and feels like 96. Too hot. He wonders if he needs to go to the grocery store, as at least it would be cool there, but decides the labor of bringing the groceries into the house would negate any cooling effect from the store.

Occasionally one of the four inhabitants goes and gets something to drink. It's too hot to even think of eating, at least right now. Maybe when the sun goes down they'll feel hungrier.

Today is a day to be endured. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler.

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