Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mommy's finishing her turnip

Peep was happy, but reservedly so. She’d heard the Daddy talking to the Mommy last night and this morning, and it wasn’t entirely certain that Mommy would be home today. It had something to do with the turnip and the paper. Mommy had stayed up almost all night finishing her turnip paper. Was she painting a picture of a turnip? That could explain it, because the Mommy always complained that she wasn’t a very good artist. Then again, the Mommy didn’t think she was good at a lot of things that she could do really well. Personally, Peep thought that the Mommy had a poor self-image. She’d seen that on a talk show once, and it described her perfectly. She knew the Mommy was awesome, and it wasn’t just because she was little Peep. She’d heard other people say it too – the Daddy, the Yarn Lady, Veronica, the Mommy’s daddy, and others whose names she didn’t know.

In any case, Mommy would be home soon. The house was clean, the cats were brushed, and they all were just waiting. If only Mommy would finish her painting of the turnip….

Watercolor courtesy of Carina Envoldsen -

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