Thursday, October 16, 2008

Couture for Cats - Miss Rudy watches Project Runway

Rudy grumbled around the house on Thursday morning. Peep tried to stay out of her way, but it was obvious to her that Rudy wanted someone to ask what was wrong, so she did.

"It's not fair that we have to only watch what our people watch on television. I think cats should be have rights to the remote control just like people do!" Rudy was ready to continue her rant, but Peep wanted to know why Rudy was so upset about the television.

"What did you want to watch, Rudy?" Peep could take or leave television, but Rudy liked certain shows.

"Why, the Project Runway final episodes, of course! They were on last night, and I still don't know who won. I just hope everyone gets out of the house by 10 am so that I can watch. Otherwise, I'll be reduced to just seeing the winning designs on the internet, and let me tell you, that's no substitute for the real thing!"

Jay was the last one out of the house at about 10:05, so Rudy missed the beginning of the show. She sat with her eyes glued to the television for two hours, watching the people and the clothes. Peep watched for a few minutes, but couldn't see the allure of talking about clothing. Clothing was something that people had to wear because they didn't have fur, so what was the big deal?

When the show was finally over, Rudy sighed in delight. "Oh, I wish that I could wear some of those designs. I know they'd look absurd on me, but maybe if Kenley or Leann would design a dress just for me...." She put her head down on her paws. She knew this would never happen. The only clothes designed for cats were Halloween costumes. No flair, cheap materials and one size fits all. She didn't even think that the folks who made cat costumes had ever even been to design school. I did make such a difference.

Peep broke into Rudy's reveries. "Are you NUTS, Miss Rudy? I've been shoved into dresses and wings and bandanas, and let me tell you, it was HORRIBLE! They were too tight or threw off my balance or too long. Cats are not MEANT to wear clothing, Rudy."

Rudy's reply was soft and sensible. "No, Peep, you're wrong there. The reason those clothes didn't work was because they weren't designed for you - your size, your interests. Couture clothing is well made, and would fit and feel just right. Besides, I heard Mommy say that the dress was really made for a dog - of course it didn't fit, and she got it from Wal-Mart. No sense of fashion there!"

Rudy ran to Jay's computer and turned it on, calling Peep to come look at some real cat fashions. Peep was doubtful, but came anyway. Rudy obviously had researched this before, because she went straight to a couple of pictures. "Here - look at this one. This was made specifically for this cat. Admittedly, it's not my style, but look at how it fits her!"

Peep looked at the photo and hoped that Mommy would never see this one. She could picture herself dressed up in this for Halloween. "If it's so comfortable, why's the cat lying on her back?"

"Umm, to show off the front of the dress, silly! Oh, and look at this for a male cat. A satin shirt - you can't quite put a cat in a suit, so a satin shirt is a good compromise."

"Rudy, he looks even more unhappy than the cat in the dress. Enjoy yourself - I'm outahere." Peep leapt off the desk and headed outside. The weather was still warm, so she figured she'd lie on the deck for a while and hope that Rudy wouldn't follow her for another fashion commentary. She didn't want to hear another word about clothes.

Rudy sat at the compute for hours, surfing through photos of cats in clothing. Most were silly, but those few...she just imagined herself in a design made specially for her by Kenley or Leann. She would be soooo beautiful....

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