Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back home!

Saturday morning, the Peep slept in. She and the Mommy hadn't arrived home until 11 PM on Friday night. As soon as Mary Rose opened the car door, Peep let out a howl - just to let Mommy know that she wanted out of the darn cat carrier NOW. Mary Rose laughed and opened the latch on the carrier and Peep was out of it like a streak of lightning. She ran into the house announcing her arrival, expecting to find Rudy and LT waiting to hear all about her adventures in Mary Land.

No one was waiting for Peep. No Rudy, no LT, not even the Daddy. Daddy was had gone out the back door as Peep ran in the cat door, and was talking with Mommy at her car. What a letdown, thought Peep. I go away for almost a whole week, have adventures, and no one even cares to meet me when I get home. She flopped down on the living room floor and decided that when Rudy and LT did come in, she'd just act like she'd never been away.

Daddy came inside, picked her up and crooned to her about how much he'd missed her and how worried he'd been that she'd been eaten by wild animals. "Peep, you are such a bad girl! You had me worried sick - I thought we'd lost you for sure. I am so glad you are back home." He carried her into the bedroom and settled down on the bed with her, scratching her head gently and cradling her on his chest.

Since Rudy and LT weren't around to hear about her trip, Peep decided she'd tell the Daddy, even though he probably wouldn't even understand her. "Daddy, it's so nice down there! Mommy has a big room to sleep in, and there's cats and a dog and lots of horses, and a great yard and a big playhouse. I think the dog there fell in love with me, but I didn't really love him. He was a dog and all. I was so brave, Daddy. I stayed outside for four whole days and wasn't even very scared. I mean, I did sleep in a playhouse, but it's not a real building - it didn't even have a kitchen or a bathroom, but it did have windows. The Mommy did find me out on Thursday, and I got to sleep in her room on Thursday night, and then she came back on Friday after work and she brought me home in her car. She made me ride in a cat carrier on the ride home. I told her that I didn't need one - I hadn't caused any problems on the ride down, but she put in me a carrier anyway. In any case, I'm really glad I'm home, Daddy. I love you." Peep walked up Jay's chest and nuzzled his face, giving him cat kisses.

Mary Rose came into the bedroom, and saw Peep on the bed with Jay. "There's our stowaway. First thing, what does she do? Of course, she lies on the Daddy. She's down in Maryland with me for four days and I don't even see her, but first thing in the door and she's lying on you. I guess I know who she loves best!"

Peep looked up at the Mommy and said in a plaintive tone, "Mommy, I couldn't let you know I was there. I was being a spy and figuring out about where you were staying. I would have rather been inside with you, although then I wouldn't have met Tippy and Beauty and Bucky and the horses. I'll go back with you some week if you want me to. Just put out the cat carrier and ask me to get in, and I'll go. I do love you, Mommy." She walked across the Daddy and settled between the Mommy and Daddy. This was the perfect place to be.

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