Saturday, June 6, 2009

No one loves me

Well, the Mommy got home, and Peep was relieved. She was afraid that something at the last minute would keep her from coming home, and the later it got on Friday, the more Peep worried. She knew that the Mommy wouldn't be home right away, because she had to drive all the way from Mary Land, and that was who knows how far away. But Daddy was there waiting for her, so Peep was sure she'd come.

It was touch and go as to whether the Cat Club would even meet for a while. With all the rain, LT thought that maybe no one would even show up - but eventually cats started arriving. Mr. Snuggles and the bunch from down the street were first. The rain had slowed down, but they were still pretty wet when they arrived. LT met them on the deck and suggested that the meet in the garage, as it was the only dry place aside from the house, and since Daddy was home he didn't want to invite everyone in.

Peep didn't really want to get wet, but she did want to go to the Cat Club, so she braved the weather and streaked over to the garage. She ran so fast that she bowled Rudy over and knocked her into Ladybug and Bunny, who yowled in protest. "Sorry, everyone. I just had to get out of that rain. Brrr. It's cold out there!"

Ginger arrived next - sauntering in langorously. "Hey, y'all. Howdya like this weather?" She sat down and carefully started grooming. Mr. Snuggles and Snoogums rushed over to help her, and Fuzzy made a disgusted sound in his throat. Peep noticed that no one had come to groom her when she came in, and she was wet too.

"Oh, I know what you mean, Ginger. It's so hard to get clean and dry with all this rain!" Even with that broad hint, Mr. Snuggles and Snoogums continued to groom Ginger. LT did come over and gave her tail a grooming for a few moments before he opened the meeting.

There wasn't a lot of business for the Cat Club this week - news from their various households, warnings about the geese down the street getting loose, and plans for a Fourth of July picnic. Considering the cold, damp weather, no one seemed wanted to prolong the meeting, and once business was concluded, the cats got up to leave.

"Ginger, may I walk you home?" Snoogums asked.

"Snoogums, I was going to offer to walk her home!" Mr. Snuggles said.

"Boys, boys - you can both walk me home if you like, but it's in the total opposite direction of your house and you will be completely soaked by the time you finally get home!" Ginger tried to be gracious. She appreciated the offer, but thought they were both being silly.

After they all left, Peep plodded back to the house, completely dejected. What was wrong with her? Fine, she didn't have a southern accent, and she didn't have long, luxurious fur, but she was an attractive little cat, wasn't she? She turned to LT, once they were inside and asked him, "What's Ginger got that I haven't got, LT?"

Some questions have no good answers, and LT knew this was one of them. No matter what he said, Peep wasn't going to like it. He tried to come up with something neutral, or something flattering to Peep that would explain why those Bozos followed Ginger around and ignored Peep.

"Well, Peep - consider who was doing the following. Mr. Snuggles and Snoogums are nice cats and all, but they aren't the smartest tools in the shed. I think it's just that Ginger was raised to act attractive to males, but you're just yourself, not someone who spends most of your time practicing enticing things to say and grooming yourself to look perfect." LT thought that was a good answer.

"I guess you're right, LT, but it would be nice to get some attention from time to time. I am a lady cat, you know." Peep hunched down on the living room rug.

"I think part of it is that you're such a petite cat. People sometimes think of you as a kitten, especially with your sweet little voice."

"Well, thank you, LT. That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in the longest time." She reached over and licked his ear, and then snugged down next to him, purring.

They heard a car in the driveway, and Rudy was out the door like a shot. She ran to the cars, and sure enough, there was the Mommy. She was home again. Peep met her at the door - purring a welcome to her. It would be a good weekend.

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