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Minutes of the July 23rd meeting of the Cat Club, Jackson Chapter

Minutes of the July 23th meeting of the Cat Club, Jackson Mills Chapter

In Attendance: LT, Miss Rudy, Peep, Fuzzy, Ladybug, Snoogums, Mr. Snuggles, Bunny, Greymalkin

The meeting was called to order at 9:20 PM by LT.  Last week’s minutes were read by Greymalkin, secretary and approved with minor corrections.

Treasurers Report:  None.  The chapter has no assets or liquid funds.

Old Business:  The heat wave was discussed at length, and members Peep and Mr. Snuggles offered pertinent tips on keeping cool in these long summer days of over-90 degree heat.  LT objected that Peep’s recommendation was not necessarily a sound one, since it involved lying within ten feet of the road where she might be spooked into running into the road by a wild animal.  Snoogums voiced his weekly complaint about the new format of the Cat Club meetings.  Greymalkin explained again how the meetings had lacked any structure prior to her coming to the Club, and that all organizations need by-laws and procedures in order to help them fulfill their stated missions.  Since there were no objections other than Snoogums, his complaint was withdrawn.

New Business: Greymalkin pointed out that while the Club had made significant strides in the months since she had been made secretary, it lacked a formal mission statement.  Without such a statement, the club was merely a loose aggregation of individuals who just happened to get together on occasion to “hang out”.  She proposed that a committee be established to draw up a draft mission statement for the Club’s review and approval.  A voice vote confirmed Greymalkin as the head of the committee.   Miss Rudy, Ladybug and Bunny were then tapped to serve on the committee. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Minutes recorded by:

Rudy rolled her eyes as she finished reading the most recent “minutes” of the Cat Club.  “’Loose aggregation of individuals’ my rear paw.  We’re a bunch of cats that like to hang out together.  Sometimes we talk about stuff that we think is important, and sometimes we just shoot the breeze.  We don’t have a mission – other than to be cats.  What more of a mission in life could there be?”  She flopped down on the back walk and systematically began shredding her copy of the minutes and didn’t stop until she had reduced the sheet to a tiny pile of confetti.  

Peep walked over, her copy of the minutes clamped in her jaw.  She sat down and dropped the sheet in front of Rudy.  “You might as well add my copy to your confetti pile.  Oh, why did we she ‘tap’ us to be on this darn committee with her?  I don’t want to write a mission statement.  I don’t even know what one is, really.”

“She picked only female cats because she knows that the males would just ignore her or not come at all.  She can’t bully them.  The only reason she gets away with bossing us around in the meeting is that we’re all too polite to tell her to put her head where the sun doesn’t shine!”  Rudy thrashed around on the ground as she said this, as though she were wrestling perhaps a very small alligator.  “I have a mind to stop going to the meetings altogether.  That would show her.”

Peep thought about it for a moment.  “Ladybug’s owner has gotten much stricter about letting all the cats out at once, and Fridays are the only day that all four of them can get out, and that’s only because she has her bridge group over and she doesn’t pay attention to the cat door.  If we didn’t go, we wouldn’t see Ladybug, Snoogums, Mr. Snuggles and Bunny.  I’d miss them.”

Another copy of the minutes landed on top of the confetti pile, which had doubled in the last few minutes.  “I’ve had enough of Robert’s Rules of Order, whoever he was and I don’t care for Parliamentary procedure.  I don’t even smoke Parliaments anymore.  Next week we tell Greymalkin the truth about our club and what we want from it.”

Peep got in the last word.  “If she wants our committee to write a mission statement, well I have one for her – Girls just want to have fun!”  Peep dove into the small confetti pile and threw bits into the air.  So, the minutes were good for something.

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Peep says that you have to send her the script...she doesn't know what her day will hold without one and she thinks you are a great fortune teller...MEOOOOOOOW