Monday, July 26, 2010

molly ISO tom

Jay had finally left for work, so Rudy streaked into the office and jumped up on the desk, vaulted to the file cabinet, snaked her paw down and turned on the computer.  She had become quite adept at this maneuver, which involved hanging over the edge of the computer to press the power button.  Occasionally she slipped and ended up on the floor five feet below, but computer access was worth the risk. 

After checking her email, Rudy went to the Google search engine.  As it loaded, Rudy reflected with gratitude that she really liked this new computer.  It was so much faster than the old one, and she didn’t have to worry about the \ she got every time she hit the ‘enter’ key.  Rudy thought to herself, “Okay, now how to search for this…hmm, let’s try find, perfect and cat.  Nope that’s not it.  I get sites about how to choose or name your kitty.  Maybe match and cat?  Darn, same results.”  Rudy thought harder.  She knew what she wanted, but for one wasn’t sure if it existed, and second, didn’t know if it would have in internet site.  “Ah ha – cat dating.  That’s gotta have some good hits.  Maybe, maybe….”

Half an hour later, Rudy jumped down from the desk in disgust.  Although one site claimed to be a dating site for cats, the only ones listed on it were people.  What’s up with that?  Another one you had to register for and then it would send messages to the other cat.  She’d been interested in that until she saw that almost none of the listed cats were, well, cats.  She didn’t know what a johnbonjovijohnbonjovi was, but it didn’t sound like a cat.  Maybe a dog – sometimes they had the stupidest names, but why would a dog register on a cat website.  Unless…the dog wanted to lure unsuspecting cats to some secluded place and beat them up? 

Rudy lay outside on the walk and sighed.  How in the world was she ever going to find her soulmate?  Snoogums and Mr. Snuggles were perfectly nice cats, but there was no, well, electricity between them.  LT was like an older brother or an uncle.  Fuzzy was just crazy.  She didn’t really know any other male cats.  When she lived at the barn she’d had her pick of cats – the neighborhood was full of them, but she just wasn’t interested then.  Now she was, and no compatible cats.  What to do, what to do….

She jumped up and ran back inside.  On the keyboard she typed in  You could find anything on Craigslist, right?  Well, maybe she could find the perfect cat.  Rudy filled out the registration form and labored over her personal ad. 

“Long-haired tuxedo molly looking for a tom in central NJ.  I love lying in the sun, being brushed and snuggling up with someone I love.  Email if interested – please include photo. “

That summed it up perfectly.  She was a long-haired female black and white cat, looking for a male cat.  She put it in the Strictly Platonic section (well, she had been spayed at Tibet), hit the send button and hoped for the best.  

Rudy sunbathing

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