Thursday, August 19, 2010


It was finally raining today.  Although spring had been very wet, summer had been way too dry.  Most of the lawn was looking brown, and LT’s favorite patch of moss was completely brown and not very comfortable.  The cats didn’t enjoy being out in the rain, but appreciated its benefits.  When it rained a lot the lily pond was full and the bullfrog croaked happily.  And sometimes cats just need to eat some grass, and grass that has received a lot of rain was juicy and its green flavor burst in their mouths.  

The three cats each had their favorite places to be when it rained.  LT’s was of course Daddy’s truck.  Daddy had left the window open when he left this morning so that LT could jump in to snooze in a soft cushion-y place.  If he’d known it was going to rain, he would have closed the window, but it probably hadn’t been cloudy when he left, so the window had been left open.  The driver’s seat was soggy, but the other seat was dry, although it had a small accumulation of paperwork.  LT shoved the papers on the floor and snuggled down for his nap.

Rudy loved to lie where she could see anyone coming in the driveway, preferably on the walk or under the bushes.  She stayed under the bushes until the rain got heavy enough that it dripped on her long fur, and then she dashed for the house.  Once inside, she groomed all the wet out of her fur and settled on top of the gas fire next to the window.  It wasn’t soft, but it had the benefit of a view of the driveway.

Peep was curled sound asleep on the living room chair.  She was on the blankie that the yarn lady had made her.  It was soft and made her feel loved.  How many cats had people knitting for them?  (Little did she know that the yarn lady had made a quilt for another of her cats years ago).  She was having that dream she loved of the mice combing her belly fur with little golden combs.  

The Daddy came home for a late lunch and noticed the window in his truck open.  He said a few choice words about the sopping wet seat, and threw a towel on it to soak up some of the water.  He gently picked up a sleep LT and held him to his chest to keep him at least partly dry while he walked to the house.  

The Daddy deposited LT on the couch.  LT curled up in his favorite corner and went back to sleep.  Peep and Rudy greeted the Daddy, but when it became apparent that no food was forthcoming they went back to the living room.  The settled down together to watch the rain, finding it quite hypnotic.  It was quiet in the house and outside the only sound was the rain drops.   Slowly their eyes closed and they fell into contented dreams.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Giaccai -

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