Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Class action lawsuit is seeking additional plaintiffs

The yarn lady here.  I’m still reeling over this class action lawsuit.  I’ve received some feedback and comments on it that I’d like to share.  The folks who wrote it probably were concerned that if they put the comments on the blog they would perhaps have to testify.  Well, I’m going to dot all my i-s and cross all my t-s and hope it never gets to trial.  I am working with a wonderful lawyer, a standard-bred poodle who has argued before the district court of New Jersey before on unfair treatment suits.  He’s never done a class action suit, but his human companion, who is also a lawyer, has won several class action lawsuits.  Both of them are confident that I will be able to continue blogging uninterrupted, no matter what the court’s decision.  

I received some second-hand feedback from one of the plaintiffs via her human.  Her comment was, “(Name removed) is delighted to see this lawsuit begin winding its way through the court system, and enquires as to whether there will be any awards for damages to the plaintiff's self esteem.  She requests said damages to be paid in Milk Bone dog treats, large size.  She declines to speak to reporters on the subject, replying only to the question ‘What's on top of the house

Another comment from plaintiffs’ human was, “It was only a matter of time! I wondered what (Name removed) and (Name removed) were whispering about and their texting was getting out of hand (my phone mysteriously disappearing and reappearing during the day). I might be subpoenaed so I cannot voice my opinions here. Good Luck!”

A third comment from a friend of one of the plaintiff’s humans was, “Explains the weird call I received inquiring about a good lawyer. I thought I recognized the bark!”

I received a number of supportive emails from cats who are willing to testify about their views on the parity issue.  They pointed out a couple good points.  “Lassie” had nineteen years of first-run episodes, and who knows how many years of reruns.  Also, Cleo, a basset hound was prominently featured during the three-year run of Jackie Cooper’s “The People’s Choice.”  To their knowledge there has never been a long-running television series featuring a cat as one of the main characters.  In literature, there are a number of mystery series featuring cats, but they are at least partially offset by the number of books that include police dogs.  

I’ve sent this information on to my lawyer.  I do have some reservations about using a poodle as the head of my legal team.  Poodles are the second smartest breed of dogs, so his intelligence is not my concern, but his deep-down loyalty to his species does concern me.  We discussed this yesterday, and he will be taking all actions in concert with his human counterpart, in case something happens that might bring species bias into question.  On the other hand, the very fact of a dog representing me if we do have to go to trial should be quite persuasive.  

I believe the next step, which is to publish/publicize the lawsuit in order to obtain more plaintiffs, has been started.  In the meanwhile, my lawyer has been drafting some motions that we expect to present to the court tomorrow.  

I took a break from writing this and came back to find an email message from the plaintiffs’ lawyers formally asking my assistance to contact the other dogs mentioned in the blog to see if they wanted to sign on to the class action suit.  Those include Bucky, a mixed breed from Maryland; Junior, a pug mix from New Jersey; and Roxie, a Yorkshire Terrier also from New Jersey.  I consulted with my attorney, and he said that by mentioning these dogs in my blog and putting a public notice on my Facebook page that would at least show a good faith effort.  So, if any readers are acquainted with any of these dogs, please ask them or their humans to review the copy of the suit in yesterday’s entry to determine if they wish to sign on.  If they do, they can post a comment on the blog with their contact information, and the plaintiffs or their lawyer will be in touch.  

Well enough about all of that.  I hope we can get this nonsense problem taken care of so that I can return to telling the animals’ stories rather than mine!

My attorney, Cooper McKenna

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