Friday, September 10, 2010

Herding cats (Ikea)

It occurs to me that this cat blog has not mentioned anything that has gone on with the many cats I know in three days.  I have been so wrapped up in this darn lawsuit and I’ve allowed it to take away the focus of what this blog is supposed to be about.  So, I’m not going to go into the conversations with my lawyer, the hate mail and voice mail messages I’m getting from various large (and rather scary) dogs or the fact that my neighbor’s yappy little dog tried to eat my ankles yesterday.  Instead, I’m going to try to catch you all up on what my favorite cats have been doing….


Well, that is exactly what one of the cats has been doing.  As I considered what to write, Ursula jumped up onto the keyboard and typed those characters.  I know she’s capable of more than that, but she was trying to get my attention, and probably didn’t even realize I was working on today’s blog.  Or, maybe she did, and it was her way of telling me to write about cats and not dogs or lawsuits.  Well, if so, she was successful, even if she did send the computer into snooze mode and turned off my wireless.

Tatum lay upstairs on the bed, his favorite spot to rest.  He was considering a video he and Ursula had watched last night.  Ande had left the computer on last night and there a pawsed video was on the screen, titled Ikea Herding Cats.  Everyone knows cats can’t be herded, so Tatum pressed the play button, figuring that it would be about a bunch of humans acting silly trying to convince a bunch of cats to go somewhere. 

What he saw instead was a short movie about a whole bunch of cats in a furniture store.  They were running and jumping down from high places and exploring all the different things in the store, and then some shots of cats finding comfy places to lie down.  No humans in it at all, although Tatum supposed that there probably were humans there, running the video cameras. 

It looked like the cats had a really good time there, and he wondered if they lived in the store, and only came out at night when the store was closed.  The video did start out with the cats jumping down from the open ceiling, so it was possible.  Tatum wondered though what they’d eat.  A furniture store wouldn’t carry groceries, would it?  Maybe there were folks who worked at night and arranged the furniture who fed the cats.  They would have been the ones who made the little movie then. 

Tatum decided that he would love to live somewhere that there were so many chairs and beds.  He could choose a different chair every time he wanted to sit in a comfy place, and a different bed every night.  On the other hand, if he had to hide in the open ceiling all day, that might not be too comfortable.  The one shot of the cat walking along on a beam seemed kind of narrow.  He could fall asleep and roll over and fall on a customer’s head.  Tatum snickered, thinking of that.  What a surprise that would be! 

The down side of living there would be that he wouldn’t have his beloved daddy there.  He didn’t think Daddy would like to move to a furniture store, even if it did have all sorts of very comfy chairs.  Daddy loved his comfy chair so much.  He could watch TV in it, use his laptop, study and even snooze.  Especially snooze. 

So, no moving to Ikea, Tatum decided.  There were comfy chairs in his own house and one very comfy bed, and of course his beloved daddy.  Hundreds of beds and chairs were no match for love.  

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