Sunday, October 3, 2010

New developments in the class action lawsuit

The situation surrounding the class-action lawsuit against me is getting very complicated.   Two of the plaintiffs have notified the courts that they are removing their names from the suit, and the other plaintiffs are, well I can’t say up in arms because they don’t have arms, but they are upset.  Ziggy and Bella have decided not to sue because they realized the reason I didn’t write about dogs was because I didn’t know any dogs well.  Up until the last week, I’ve never lived with a dog, and never even had a dog as a close friend.  They have concluded that I was just didn’t have dogs in my life to write about, and so wrote about cats.  I don’t think this is the whole truth, but it’s their conclusion.  

Troy is furious.  He’s the English Lady’s dog.  His reply to Ziggy, who is the spokesdog for he and Bella, was, “She’s known me for years now, and never wrote once about me until this summer when she took pictures of me being forced to swim in that pool.  You’ve been corrupted by a manipulating human who is just there to get you to drop this lawsuit.  Dogs need parity, and you’re capitulating for a few head pats.”   Ziggy’s reply was less than polite, as he considers Troy to be an arrogant snob.  Nice enough, but a snob.

Runa is staying out of the whole mess, probably because her primary motivation in this suit is food.  Since she lives in New Hamster she is also physically removed from the situation.  She has no personal interest in me – as long as she has her Woofie (as she calls her human, whose name is Wolf) she’s happy.  

The plaintiffs who don’t know me personally but have just signed on as members of the ‘class’ of dogs that are underrepresented in my blog are of course angry.  My email was full all weekend with messages from these dogs accusing me of tampering with the witnesses, buying the affection of the dogs, all sorts of things.  I can’t even figure out what some are trying to say, as their spelling and grammar are just atrocious.  

My lawyer, Cooper, just said, “I told you this would be a problem, but you didn’t listen.”  I was hoping he would have constructive ideas as to how to handle it, but no, I just get condemnation.  I’m doing an online video conference with Cooper and his human partner tomorrow, and will be making a quick phone call to the court beforehand to check on something.  Wish me luck!

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