Saturday, October 2, 2010

Variety is the spice of life

Peep was bored.  It was a beautiful early fall day, cool and sunny.  The whole world was out there waiting to be played with or explored, but she was bored.  She’d gone out to see if the bullfrog was around the pond, thinking maybe she’d bring him in for a game of chase, but either he heard her coming or was hiding in the muck from the cool weather – no matter, he wasn’t available.  She’d patrolled the yard for bees and wasps and found nothing but some butterflies who were considering starting their migration to Central America.  Mommy was running errands, so she couldn’t entertain Peep and Daddy was out, either on a job or somewhere else. 

Peep wandered around the house.  It was a nice house, but it was boring.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  Except for some books and papers that were left around sometimes nothing ever changed.  The same stuff on the same tables.  The kitchen tablecloth changed from time to time, as did the bedspread, but even those tended to alternate between the ‘same old, same old’ stuff. 

Variety – that was what Peep wanted.  She’d seen on television that people redecorated their houses.  There were even entire shows about putting new stuff around the house.  Curtains, knick-knacks, occasional tables and small rugs were the types of things that humans changed when they got bored with their houses. 

Peep came to a decision.  It was time to redecorate the house.  She wished that Daddy hadn’t locked them out of the Paypal account.  She bet she could find some great stuff on Ebay to decorate with.  Giant cat statues, huge velvet pillows, fluffy wallhangings that could double as places to sharpen your claws – those all would be perfect, but there was no way she could do any online shopping.  She’d just have to make do with what she could find around the house. 

Walking from room to room, Peep identified items that could be moved or pulled out from where they were being kept.  There was a lovely old blanket on top of a chest that was very thick, and probably could double as a rug for the living room.  The bathroom rug, in Peep’s humble opinion would look better in front of the sink.  The kitchen rug should be on the floor in the bedroom so Mommy wouldn’t get cold feet when she got out of bed.  Some pillows on the floor in one of the closets could be traded for the ones currently on the couch.  And hmmm, her trunk was full of all sorts of interesting things.  Stuffed animals and toys were used as décor on the television shows.  She could use those to pep up some areas that were lacking. 

The blanket would be the best place to start.  Once it was placed, Peep would have a better idea as to how much more the living room would need.  She tugged and pulled at it, finally getting it onto the floor in the living room and then spent at least ten minutes unfolding it and smoothing it out.  It actually was a bit larger than the area she had planned to use it for and she had to bunch it up against the legs of the table in the corner.  No matter, it looked good, and considering how cool it was today it felt better than the cold tile against her paws. 

Next Peep moved the bathroom and kitchen rugs.  That was an easy job, and she was delighted with how the kitchen floor looked.  She checked out the rest of the room and realized that the tablecloth and the rug clashed horribly.  The tablecloth would have to go.  It was a very nice butcher block style table and there was no reason not to show it off.  Peep jumped onto the table and checked out what was on top.  One basket of bananas, not a problem.  She used her claws to pull one end of the tablecloth up onto the table, dragged it so that part of the tabletop was clear and then pushed the basket onto the bare table.  From there it was easy to drag it off the table onto the floor where it lay in an ugly, uncoordinating heap.  She thought for barely a second before dragging it into the bedroom closet and stuffing it as best she could into a corner.  While she was there she removed the pillows she wanted for the living room.

She placed the pillows carefully on the couch, arranging them to her liking.  Maybe she wasn’t Kim Myles, but she thought the place was starting to look better.  Now for the tchotchkes.  Peep rummaged through her trunk.  A stuffed cat would look nice on the bed just in front of the pillows, so she put it there.  The mouse collection was arranged artfully on the coffee table in the living room.  One by one she pulled items out and determined if they were décor quality, and if so found just the right place for them. 

After she placed the last item she took a walk around the house.  The office was the same, no changes there, but it was a functional type of room so that was okay.  The spare room, same thing.  No one went in there except to get stuff, so it didn’t matter.  The true living areas, though, were definitely more attractive, even down to the hamster she’d placed on the toilet tank. 

Thoroughly exhausted, Peep curled up for a nap.  As she drifted off to sleep she imagined the house being featured on one of the decorating-on-a-shoestring shows.  She was sure that none had ever featured a house redecorated by a cat before.  Maybe she could get the yarn lady to take pictures….

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