Friday, May 13, 2011

Kitten naming poll, a la Rudy

 Rudy wrote this yesterday and tried to post it, but Blogger was down until just a little while ago.  She gave up after a couple hours and asked me to post this when the site came back up, so here it is. 
Rudy here.  The yarn lady sent me an email this morning asking me to cover for her today, as she needs to spend the day at the new craft shop.  She's really excited about it.  It seems that she's been going somewhere that she throws pots for years and years, and the place was closing, since Fort Monmouth is shutting down this summer.  They've found a new home for the shop in Deal.  I'm glad that she throws her pots there and not at my house, as someone could really get hurt if she throws something like a stewpot or a cast-iron skillet.  I wonder if she throws them at anyone in particular, or if it's kind of like a golf driving range, and you just throw the pots and then pick them up and throw them again.  Daft, but she seems to like it a lot.  

Well, there's not much going on here.  The Daddy is having allergies, and so he's been a bit punky.  His head is stuffy, and he sneezes sometimes, which is fine as long as he doesn't do it near me.  Sneezes startle me so and disturb my beauty rest, not that I really need it.  LT is really enjoying the fine spring weather.  He likes to spend time outside, and it's a lot easier on his old bones when it's warm out.  He's taken to sleeping on a very large pile of pine needles in the back yard.  They smell nice, but I'd think they'd be a bit pokey on the skin.  He's hollowed out a spot in the very top of the pile where he can watch the Daddy and see if anyone is coming into the back yard.  He says it would be nicer if the pile were in the front yard so he could see who is coming in the driveway, but since the Daddy raked up all those needles, LT  doesn't want to seem ungrateful.  Personally I think the Daddy wouldn't want the pile in the front yard, because he raked the needles so that the yard would look nice.  He probably would have done away with the pile altogether if LT hadn't decided it was a good place to sleep.  Daddy is absolutely daft when it comes to LT.  You'd think he was his real father the way he pampers that cat.  

Peep is just Peep.  She's been keeping an eye out for the frog in the lily pond, as she says she'd like to have a game of frog hockey.  He hasn't surfaced yet this year, as far as I can tell.  Maybe he died this winter, buried in the mud.  I'd like that, as his incessant croaking keeps me awake during crucial nap times.  

Fuzzy is looking particularly disreputable these days.  If he were a dog, I'd say he had mange, but I don't think cats get mange.  He'd be a lot healthier and better looking if he'd only let the Mommy or Daddy groom him and take him to the vet.  It would also help if he'd stay out of fights, but he's just a belligerent cat who revels in disagreement.  The loaf cat is still keeping to himself.  I don't know if anyone had heard a word out of him since he arrived here this winter.  The Daddy is an old softie and makes sure he had water and food.  The yarn lady was considering adopting him when he first arrived, but since no one can get near him, she's given up on that idea.  She says she's going to get two kittens soon.  If she can get a boy and a girl she's going to name them Mack and Hannah, after her great-aunt's dogs.  I liked it better when she was going to call the girl Clem, which is short for Clementine.  I've always thought that was a particularly beautiful name.  Maybe she'll reconsider.  The boy cat was going to be named Ezekiel, but she thought it would be too long a name, especially for a tiny little kitten.  

Well, that's all for today.  Personally I hope the yarn lady asks me to fill in for her more often.  It gives me something to do that's a bit out of the ordinary.  And if you want to weigh in what you think the yarn lady should name her kitties, put a comment on the blog.  If you get this by email just click the link at the bottom of the message and it'll take you to today's blog and you can leave a comment.  

ttfn, Rudy-Toot-the-beautiful

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