Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet hound

Ziggy was suffering from withdrawal.  No one had bought ice cream for days, and the yarn lady wasn't due to bake cookies until tomorrow, if she was even going to do it here.  There were plenty of crunchies, but what he craved was sweets.  Ice cream, cookie dough, the cookies themselves, even some jelly would be good at this point.  He sniffed at the garbage can, but his Mommy had emptied it last night, so there was nothing good there.  Maybe in the sink?  Last night Mommy had eaten the last of the streusel she'd baked, so hopefully the pan was in the sink and he could lick it.  

It was tough for a very small dog to get on the kitchen counter.  First he scrambled onto one of the chairs and then up onto the kitchen table.  From the table he prepared to leap the three feet between the table and counter.  Considering the counter was about six inches higher than the table and he was a very small dog, it was no easy jump.  He waggled his rear end, braced himself and leapt.  He landed on the counter, but he'd leapt so strongly that he skidded across the tile counter into the canisters.  Jeez!  He hoped that Lizzie was sound asleep.  Luckily Mommy had left for work already, otherwise she'd been in here in a twinkling.  

Bella came in to investigate, figuring that Kid was the culprit.  Bella loved Kid, and wanted to make sure she was okay.  When she saw Ziggy on the counter trying to push the canisters back where they belonged she sat down and laughed.  "What the heck are you doing up there?  Have you decided to help Mommy out with housecleaning?"  

Ziggy was more than embarrassed.  It was bad enough to be found by Bella on the counter, but how to explain that he just *needed* something sweet to snack on?  "Well, no, I'm not cleaning.  I'd umm, jumped up on the counter and hit the canisters.  I just wanted to straighten them up.  Didn't want Kid or Lizzie to get in trouble for something I did, you know."

"Okay, but why were you up there?  Kid I can understand on counters, but that's not a usual spot for you."  Bella looked at Ziggy expectantly, particularly since he was looking rather guilty.  

"Just checking on the counters.  Seeing if there was anything interesting up here."  He walked down the counter, skirting the sink.  He looked surreptiously into the sink and noticed the streusel pan, complete with bits of streusel and peach syrup.  He drooled a little and covered it up by coughing.  "Hmmm, not much going on up here.  Dirty dishes.  Well, see you later, Bella."  Ziggy looked at her, wishing that she'd leave so that he could lick out the pan.  

Although suspicious of his motives, Bella decided to play along.  "Sure thing. Time to head back to sleep."  Bella trotted into the living room, her claws clicking on the wood floor.  Once she'd reached her bed underneath the table she turned around and tiptoed back through the dining room.  When you're an overweight chihuahua that's not an easy task, but by moving very slowly and placing her paws down lightly she managed to get to the kitchen entrance without a sound.  

When she peered around the corner into the kitchen she saw Ziggy's rump pointing in the air.  His head was deep in the sink, and she could hear him lapping at something.  "Whatcha doing, Zig?"  Bella laughed as he jumped and then fell into the sink, causing a loud crash of baking dishes and plates.  

"What did you do that for, Bella?  Now I've got streusel crumbs and peach all over my fur!  What a waste of good food."  Ziggy scrambled out of the sink and stood on the counter, shaking himself.  

"Mystery solved.  You're up there because you wanted Mommy's struesel.  Sweet hound, sweet hound, Ziggy's a sweet hound."  Bella sing-songed the last, ending with a wheezy giggle.  

Ziggy struck a pose that he hoped was imposing, but since he had peach juice all over his face and ears he looked ridiculous.  "There's nothing wrong with wanting a sweetie now and again, you know."  

Realizing that she'd hurt his dignity, Bella backed down.  There was nothing worse than a male with injured dignity.  "Indubitably, Ziggy.  I myself appreciate a sweet snack now and again.  I apologize for disturbing you.  Carry on."  

Bella walked back to her bed in the living room, laughing very, very softly.  As she lay down she sang under her breath, "Sweet hound, sweet hound, Ziggy's a sweet hound."

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