Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too rainy for cats

It was a rainy morning, and Kid didn't like rainy mornings.  Kid liked sunny mornings, preferably warm ones.  As the free-spirited cat of the household, Kid spent much of her time outdoors, at least when the weather cooperated.  Her favorite thing was to hang out on the back deck, but that wasn't usually an option.  Buddy didn't much like her, at least when they were both outdoors.  He'd chase her any time he found her in the yard, so Kid only hung out on the deck when Buddy was asleep in the house.  Even then she kept one eye on the door to check if he was coming out, so that she could scoot out of the yard before he got to her. 

Kid wasn't sure why Buddy disliked her so, but it had been that way ever since he grew to be larger than she was.  When he was a tiny kitten she had taught him everything he knew - how to catch mice, how to do a careful grooming and how to get Val to give him lovies.  He'd looked up to her and absorbed everything she'd taught him.  He hadn't been an awfully quick learner, probably due to malnutrition when he was kitten.  He'd been so skinny and helpless when Val had found him living in the compost pile.  Well, he certainly wasn't skinny now.  In fact he'd porked out a bit over the past winter.  Now when he sat on the porch railing he slopped over the sides a little bit, not that Kid would be so unkind as to point that out. 

She shook her head.  There was nothing she could do about Buddy.  He was just who he was, and she needed to accept that.  Kid sighed as she looked out the sliding door at the rain on the deck.  It wouldn't be fun out there today.  Cold and wet yes, fun no.  She padded to the front door and checked out the weather there.  Maybe it would be clear in the front yard and she could go out there.  Nope, raining there too and just about as hard as it was out the back.  She noticed the yarn lady walking through the living room and she was holding her computer bag.  Good, she looked to be leaving.  Kid could get her to open the garage doors, and hopefully it wouldn't be raining in the driveway.  She really did want to go outside, but wanted to find the where it actually wasn't raining.  There had to be a dry place in the yard, right? 

The yarn lady was fiddling around with stuff on the dining room table, and so Kid waited patiently for her to get ready to leave.  When she opened the door into the garage, Kid scooted out and looked at her expectantly.  The yarn lady opened the garage door and Kid looked out with dismay.  Rain there too.  Not good.  She sighed and made a run for it.  Out the door, over the fence into the next yard and across to the open door of their shed.  It would be safe here from Buddy and dry.  Kid sat down and tucked her paws under her and settled in to watch the rain. 

Photo courtesy of Aapo Haapanenhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/decade_null/2778712661/

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