Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coming Clean

With all the recent furor over bloggers not being who they say they are, I had a discussion with most of the participants involved, and we've all decided to come completely clean regarding what is written in the blog.  I would not want anyone reading this blog to believe that we are anything other than who we really are, or that we represent any views other than our own.  So, here goes.

I am the yarn lady,  a 50-mumble year old woman living in New Jersey.  I really am a cat lover, and up until my recent move I have lived with one to three cats for the past twenty-eight years.  I'd planned on getting a kitten as soon as I'd settled in to my new place, but the need to cat-sit two lively cats for a week and a half has caused a delay in my plans.  I'll be getting my new kitten in the middle of July :-)  I am called the yarn lady by the cats because I love to knit and have, um, a lot of yarn and tend to pull out my knitting when I'm sitting for any period of time.

Peep, as she is affectionate named, is a small black cat who is about eight years old.  She'd owned by the Mommy and Daddy and lives with LT and Rudy.  She is a loving little cat who loves to play, and has grown up a lot since I started writing this blog.  She really does like to help out around the house (in her own way) and actually has caught frogs and dragged them into the house in order to play frog hockey.  Peep did not actually hide in the car and go to Maryland two years ago, but she wanted to.  She'd told me about how she wanted to see where the Mommy lives, so I wrote her a story that described how it *might* have been if she had stowed away in the car.

LT, whose full name is Lucky Tiger is really a traveler.  He, of all of the Mommy and Daddy's cats, is the one most likely to venture far from home.  I'm really not sure if he made as far as Lakehurst the first year that I wrote this blog, but when I spoke to him recently he's still sticking to that story.  

Rudy is Rudy.  She's a hissy cat, as the Mommy puts it.  When the Great Cat was giving out cat virtues and characteristics when she was born, Rudy wasn't listening, and raised her paw when the Great Cat asked who wanted to be a hissy cat.  She thought he was saying pussy cat, so instead of being a lovey-dovey lap cat, she is, well, a hissy cat.  She does love to be on the computer, and yes she really does email me and other cats.  So there.

The Daddy is the guy who takes care of Peep, Rudy and LT day in and day out.  He truly loves his kitties, and isn't ashamed to say so.  He really did have his identity stolen last year, but he did *not* have to change his name to Horatio Curtis.  The cats would have liked that, but he declined to do so, as it would have meant a lot of paperwork.  

The Mommy is the lady who is the reason this blog started.  She was working for NASA way down in Virginia and wouldn't be able to see her beloved kitties every day, or even every week.  I started writing these stories to let her know what her cats were doing every day.  She still works far away and only comes home on weekends.  Unfortunately she doesn't get to read her email every day, so she doesn't see these stories very often.  I still write them, though because I've found that I like to write about the cats (and the occasional dog).

Well, there are all the principals in this blog.  We really do all exist and are who we say we are.  We are not dogs from Albania or endangered giant French hamsters.  I hope this reassures our readers of the veracity of the content published herein. 

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