Monday, June 27, 2011


Tatum had thought a couple days ago that life couldn't get much more difficult than it had been over the past two weeks.  He was wrong.  His beloved Daddy had been packing boxes and moving stuff around so much that Tatum had been convinced that they were all going to move.  It was only after an exchange of emails with Rudy that he discovered that all the fuss was over the rugs being torn up and new floors being installed.  Why didn't anyone ever tell him anything?  Tatum had decided that he'd just stay upstairs in the noisy girl's old bedroom until the work was done, except for quick forays for food, drink and um, visits to the necessary.  That would be okay. 

Then the ultimate indignity.  The noisy girl grabbed him and stuffed him into a box with a little metal mesh door that she shut tightly.  Torture!  Why would they put him in this little box?  He yowled at the noisy girl to let him out, but she just made silly noises at him and tried to pet him through the mesh.  He reached out with a claw and grabbed her hand, saying "Let me out now!  I can't stand being cooped up like this!  Now!  Now!  Now!"  She yelped in pain and freed her hand from the offending claw. 

His Daddy came in with Ursula in a second box and within minutes they were out in the yard and being loaded into a car.  Tatum hated cars more than anything.  They meant that you were being moved *again* and most likely would never see the people you'd come to love anymore.  Why would they do this to him and Ursula?  "I'll be good - I'll sleep on your lap!  I promise I'll never claw the furniture again, just take me back hoooooome!"  Ursula cried too, but much more softly - almost a ladylike cry. 

They were only in the car for a few minutes when it stopped and the doors opened.  Their boxes were carried into a building - and Tatum just hoped that if they were taking him back to the SPCA that at least the nice volunteer lady would still be there.  How could he live without his beloved Daddy, though? 
"Bring them in here.  Good, let's open Tatum's carrier over here by the litter box."  Tatum knew that voice - was it the nice volunteer?  He didn't think so, but he was so upset he couldn't think straight.  He streaked out of the carrier, vaulted over the litter box and smooshed himself into the corner of the closet.  When he looked around in terror, he realized that it wasn't the SPCA - no cages, no other cats, no smell of antiseptic.  A face appeared in the door of the closet.  The yarn lady?  

"Don't be scared, Tatum.  You're just going to stay with me while the floors get done."  So that was what was going on.  He and Ursula had been katnapped because of floor replacement.  Well, how long could that take?  Tatum figured that he could stay in the closet for the couple hours that it would take, but just wished they'd left him at home.  He'd have stayed in the little room.  Really, he would have....

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