Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thinking about kittens

Tatum and Ursula were discussing the yarn lady and her new home.  They'd heard her and the noisy girl talking about how she wanted a kitten, and Ursula had mixed feelings about it.  "The yarn lady is *my* mommy.  She helped raise me from when I was a tiny, tiny kitten and I lived with the English lady.  If she gets a new kitten, well, would she still love me the same way?"

"Of course she would, Ursula.  And anyways, I'm just glad she's not going to take you with her.  I know we fight sometimes, but I'd really miss you if you weren't here."  Tatum nuzzled Ursula's face and gave one ear a little lick.   

"Thank you, Tatum.  I'd miss you too.  I heard the Daddy, the noisy girl and the yarn lady talking one day about how I should go live with her when she moved.  The noisy girl didn't like that idea at all, and the yarn lady agreed that I should stay here.  The noisy girl loves me a lot and would miss me terribly.  I do wonder where the yarn lady will get her kitten from.  It's not like you find kittens knocking at your door, you know.  I mean there are feral kittens around, but a lot of the time they have health problems, or they're too wild, and I know the yarn lady wants a kitten that will be cuddly and healthy.  A wild kitten wouldn't be a good idea."  Ursula shook her head. 

"Oh, she'll get the kitten from the same place I came from, the SPCA.  They've gotten all their cats from there, well, except you.  When you get a kitten from there you know that it's healthy, because they have Tibet there to take care of the animals.  I think that's where you went when you had your operation."  Tatum knew what he was talking about.  He'd lived at the SPCA for nine months before he'd come to live with his beloved Daddy. 

"Well, you know when I was there, I wasn't paying attention an awful lot.  There were lots of cats and dogs in a big outside room and I was so scared.  Then they gave me a shot to make me sleep and I don't remember anything until after I got home.  If there were a lot of kittens there, I sure didn't see them."  Ursula shuddered at her recollection of that visit to Tibet.

"You know, there was a really nice lady there who always talked to me and took care of me.  I think she's there today.  How about I send her an email telling her that the yarn lady is going to be there looking for kittens and ask her to tell the kittens so they can show off for her when she comes?"  Tatum was getting excited at the thought of another kitten getting a forever home.

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