Friday, July 15, 2011

Clem's homecoming

Clementine stretched and yawned.  Life was good.  She was sleeping on a very soft bed, there was a warm person next to her, there were covers to burrow into or under and it was all in her own home.  Not a cage in the SPCA, but her own forever home.  

She'd been just a tad bit worried this morning.  What if the yarn lady had changed her mind?  Maybe she couldn't wait and had come and picked out a different kitten yesterday who could go home right away.  Maybe she'd decided she didn't want a kitten at all.  Maybe she'd decided that she didn't like Clementine after all.  Too many worries for such a small cat, particularly one who'd just had surgery and was missing fur on her belly and one foreleg.  

A nice lady had picked her and the other kittens up this morning from the far-away place they had gone for their surgery and brought them back to the shelter.  Clem, who was still Gwyneth according to the SPCA folks, was put in a cage in Tibet, where she waited and worried.  Techs came and went, but none came to get Clementine.  

Then a tech came in with a familiar looking carrier.  She thought it was the one she'd been in two days ago, when she thought she'd be able to go to her forever home right away.  Was it?  The tech walked over to her cage and set it down on a nearby table.  She bent down, looked in the cage and said, "Gwenyth, it's time to go home!"   Yes!  It was her, it was time, it was...everything!

She was carefully lifted from her cage and put onto a soft light green towel in the carrier.  It smelled like the yarn lady - just like she remembered.  Oh, this was right.  The tech picked up the carrier, went through the door, and there she was - the yarn lady.  She HAD waited for her.  She did want her.

While the yarn lady did paperwork, Clementine played with the yarn lady's daughter.  She was nice, but a little loud, noisy even.  Just a little.  Then it was time to go.  She was carried out into the yarn lady's car and set on her daughter's lap.  Perfect!  She could see the yarn lady, and play with her daughter's fingers.  Being in the carrier was no big deal.  During the half-hour ride Clem played, explored and then decided to take a little nap.  All this change was tiring.  

When she arrived at her new home, Clem popped right out of her carrier and began to explore.  The room was nice and big and had a slippery brown floor.  If she ran and stopped suddenly, she could slide for a bit.  That was fun.  The yarn lady came in with a big loose ball of yarn and proceeded to make two tight little balls, just the size that she could carry in her mouth, if she opened it wide.  Clem batted those around for a while until one scooted under a closet door.  Bother!

Then the yarn lady's daughter picked Clem up and put her on the bed.  She explored that and found that she could get inside one of the covers and played under there for a while.  The yarn lady came in and laughed at the moving hump that was Clem.  Finally she came out and decided it was time for a nap on that soft cozy bed.  Yes, life was good. 

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