Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love and cats

Love and cats

Hi, the yarn lady here.  I am sitting on my bed right now with Tatum purring at me like a freight train.  He's nuzzling my face, walking around me, and settled with his tail across the keyboard a minute ago.  He certainly wasn't happy coming to stay with me, but I think he's gotten used to the place. 

He didn't like it when my friend, Peep's Mommy, came over this afternoon.  Actually, both cats disappeared as soon as she showed up.  I eventually found Ursula under the bed, but couldn't find Tatum anywhere.  I checked the closets in the bedrooms, behind all the chairs and finally looked under the couch.  I was afraid he'd get himself stuck under there again, but no Tatum.  I knew he hadn't gone outside, but where could he be?  Finally I checked the linen closet in the bathroom (the last possible place to look, other than the kitchen cabinets), and there he was, curled up on a pile of sheets on the second shelf from the bottom.  I have no idea how he got up there (it's about 3 1/2 feet off the ground), but there he was.  He was partially hidden by a stack of towels, and I guess he figured that he'd be left alone in there. 

Ursula eventually came out and socialized with Peep's Mommy, twining between our legs and then parading across the table.  Tatum, on the other hand, stayed in the closet until after she left.  We went out for a couple hours, and when we got back I discovered that the power was out due to a lightening strike nearby.  There is, was really, a locust tree near the community entrance that is now a shattered locust - twisted, bark off it, and bits of wood all over.  I checked to see that the cats were okay and went out for an hour or so until the power came back on. 

Ursula was happy to see me, but Tatum didn't come out for nearly an hour.  I'm not sure, but I think the thunder storm was just too much on top of the unexpected visitor.  I know he'll be happy to go home and be with his beloved Daddy and the noisy girl, but I'll miss both Tatum and Ursula when they leave. 

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