Saturday, November 26, 2011

Correction to my last email

Subject: Correction to my last email

I was pretty sure that the turkeys weren’t moving to the Bronx Zoo, but Ziggy kept bugging me to send the email, so I did.  Here’s the right information, which I was able to find out once Kid came in for dinner.  I would have sent this email sooner, but I needed to wait for Val to go out again. 

The turkeys are moving to a place called Popcorn Park Zoo.  It’s a sanctuary for animals that aren’t pets, but it’s really a zoo because people can go there to visit the animals.  They aren’t going to sell anything.  I think it was Buddy who messed up that bit of information.  When he heard popcorn and zoo in the same sentence he figured they must have been given the popcorn concession.  What a doofus – everyone knows turkeys can’t make change.

They’re moving on Sunday, and presumably not in a Sunny Delight truck.  Actually, Bart is driving them down in his pick-up with a tarp over the bed to keep them safe.  I just hope it doesn’t fly off.  Kid had Lemuel memorize my email address, so hopefully if he runs into some other animal with an email account (how likely is that?) we’ll get some news on him.  We might hear something through Bart’s daughter too, but that’s not that likely unless Maria talks about them in front of the chickens or Charlie. 

Now that this is straightened up, I’m heading off for a nap, although I may box Buddy’s ears if he gets near me tonight for screwing up Kid’s message. 



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