Thursday, December 1, 2011

A blog and holiday confusion

On Thursday morning when the yarn lady opened her email she found that somehow she’d been put on a mailing list for a new blog – one about stuff for cats.  It seemed to be the blog’s first entry, and she smiled when she saw what it was – Corentin Dombrecht’s Cat Library.  She’d found information about it last spring, and drooled over it.  It basically was a bookshelf with built-in steps for cats along with an indentation on the top with a cushion that made it a cat bed.  Fortunately for her bank account the item wasn’t in production.  It also wasn’t something that would go with her décor, being very boxy and blond (the wood that is).  According the blog, the item still wasn’t in production, but might be available sometime soon, and the writer even encouraged folks to contact Corentin to ask for information about it.  The yarn lady shook her head, wondering how she’d been put on its mailing list, but whatever, it was about cats, so that was okay.

Clementine sat nonchalantly on her red blankie pretending to be asleep while the yarn lady checked her email.  She was happy to see that the blog entry had been sent to her and that she read it instead of deleting it, as she often did with stuff she considered to be electronic junk mail.  She didn’t immediately click on the link to contact the designer, which disappointed Clem, but she figured that she had plenty of time before Christmas, whenever that was.  The blog itself looked kind of blah.  She hadn’t thought about what it would look like when she set it up, other than choosing a color scheme that matched her fur.  She figured that she’d wait until the yarn lady went out again, or at latest when she went to sleep tonight and try to spruce it up a bit.  She’d love to use a photo of herself in it, but then the yarn lady might figure out it was her writing it.  She’d come up with something. 

Last night while watching television the yarn lady had sat and folded up what seemed like gazillions of little strips of paper into tiny little puffy stars in blue and silver.  Clem of course had thought she was making her new cat toys, but the yarn lady wouldn’t let her play with them.  She’d explained very patiently (after pulling her out of the bin she was putting them in for the fourth time) that they were decorations for Hanukkah, which was another December holiday. 

This left Clem quite confused.  Did Hanukkah involve presents too?  Should she be making a Hanukkah list instead of a Christmas list?  No, that wasn’t right.  She’d told the noisy girl to make a Christmas list.  Well, maybe one involved presents and the other decorations.  She sighed, very glad to be a cat.  It was much too complicated to be a human. 


Camille said...

Hello, I toddled over here from Swap-bot. Cats always love me, I think they know I am debilitatingly allergic to them and they love to see my eyes swell up and listen to me sneeze so hard I hurt myself. Other than that, I admire them à la distance.


tiger1i1y said...

I love your blog. I'll have to follow it. I occasionally write stories from a cat's point of view. You might like to look at an advent calendar my friend made about cats (my sister and I wrote the story for it). If you are interested in looking at it, just go to this link:

I'm tiger1i1y from swapbot (Gain Blog Readers and Comments)