Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve - Dropping the giant yarnball

New Year's Eve was yet another holiday in December.  But was an 'eve' really a holiday?  It seemed from the radio shows the yarn lady listened to that New Year's Eve was more of a holiday than the Day was, which was in January, and a new year even.  People went and watched someone dropping gigantic yarnballs in New York City, they had huge parties or went out to bars and spent way too much money when they could stay home and be with their cats.  Clem had a gigantic yarnball and if anyone wanted to come over and drop it, they were perfectly welcome to, provided they brought her snacks or cat toys or something.  If people were willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to be with other people on New Year’s Eve, Clem figured she was worth at least a snack or a cat toy.

Another part of this holiday seemed to be about making promises to yourself that were almost impossible to keep.  The yarn lady had been laughing about what a friend of hers had said the other day.  The friend had said that she'd never been able to keep a resolution (which was what the promises were called), even when the resolution was to gain weight.  Clem thought about the resolutions she made on a regular basis and how hard it was to stick to any of them.  After she'd almost had the yarn lady arrested for terroristic threats she promised herself that she'd be the best kitten ever, and that had barely lasted ten minutes before she got herself into trouble.  And every time she knocked something off a table she told herself that she would try harder to be careful.  Ooh, and after she'd broken the handle off one of the yarn lady's special pinky coffee cups she'd promised not to go up on the china cabinet shelves, but just last night she'd knocked a cup down (luckily the same one, so the handle couldn't break again, it was already broken). 

Well, in the New Year (2012 that is) she'd become a grown up cat, so maybe some of the things she did that were a little skonk-bonk would stop, just as a function of growing up.  She'd be mature - an adult cat, not just a silly little kitten.  That would be some time in the spring, from what she recalled.  She wondered if it would be an overnight type of thing.  Would she wake up one day and stop racing around the house madly?  She kind of hoped not.  She didn't want to be an adult if it meant not having fun anymore.  Some of the other cats that she corresponded to seemed like they were pretty fun, even though they were all a lot older.  LT was pretty serious, but he was the senior cat of all of them.  Peep was a playful cat, from what Clem could tell.  She liked toys and being silly.  Kid sounded like she was a lot of fun.  So, maybe it was partly growing up and partly choice.  The yarn lady was a grown-up human with a grown kitten of her own, and she did silly fun things sometimes.

Clem thought a little bit more about New Year’s resolutions and decided that she’d email her friends before deciding whether or not to make one.  She still had a little time. 

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