Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The yarn lady finally went out for long enough this morning that Clem was able to watch some of her favorite trashy morning shows.  You know, the kind where co-hosts chat cozily with each other and their guests as though you were all sitting your living room.  The shows usually amused Clem immensely, but not today.  The guests were all talking about their Christmas gifts, the great things they'd received and a few real clunkers.  Then they started talking about the gifts they had given other people, and how well those gifts had been received.  Some of the stories were pretty funny, particularly one about someone who'd thought a miniature rabbit was a hat and had put it on her head and it pooped in her hair. 

As Clem listened to all these stories it began to dawn on her that she had been so caught up in what she would get for Christmas that she hadn't even given a thought to giving anything to the yarn lady.  Even though she was a silly little kitten she knew that the yarn lady had sewed that little quilt for her. Santa Claws didn't hand-sew quilts, and she'd seen the yarn lady working on it.  She must have stuffed it in the stocking after Santa had brought it. 

All that work, and Clem hadn't given her anything in return.  No matter she was a cat and didn't have any money to buy gifts, or thumbs to sew or knit something.   The yarn lady was the specialest person in her life.  She must think Clem an ungrateful little kitten. 

Clem turned off the television and sat on her new quilt, consumed with guilt.  When you’re a kitten, though, even guilt isn’t enough to stave off nap attacks.  She was asleep before the yarn lady came home.  She awoke to the sound of the garage door opening, and was ready to meet the yarn lady at the door when she came in. 

“There’s my little angel.  It’s so good to see you, Clem.”  The yarn lady picked Clem up and buried her face in Clem’s soft belly fur.  Clem purred.  She loved being picked up and snuggled, or held and snuggled, or snuggling with the yarn lady while she slept. 

“You are my little snugglebunny, although snugglekitty would be more accurate.  But since Berkeley Breathed never drew a cartoon about snugglekitties, snugglebunny it is.  A snuggle from you is as good as the best Christmas present ever.”  She kissed Clem on the nose and carried her into the living room.  She sat down on the sofa and cradled Clem while tickling her tummy. 

Eventually Clem became restless and squirmed a little.  The yarn lady put her on the floor and found a yarnball to throw for her.  As she chased the ball she thought to herself that maybe just by being herself she’d given the yarn lady a Christmas present.  She smiled and chased the yarnball.  She’d make sure that she gave the yarn lady lots of snuggles.  Then it would be like Christmas every day.  

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