Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughts on becoming a better kitten

Clem was very conflicted about her blog/Christmas list.  She’d gotten all excited about making a list and getting all sorts of presents, but then realized most of the stuff she wanted would cost an awful lot of money.  She didn’t feel comfortable pressuring the yarn lady to spend more money than anyone would spend on presents.  That’s why she’d written a post about making a ball out of toilet paper rolls.  And it wasn’t just that she felt she was being a selfish little kitten.  These holidays seemed to be about being nice to others and being a better human, cat or whatever you were. 

All in all, Clem thought she was a pretty good kitten.  She kept the yarn lady company and played with her as much as she wanted.  Every night when the yarn lady went to bed, Clem would climb under the covers and purr on her lap, letting her human know how much she loved her.  She didn’t claw the furniture (well, at least not much), and tried not to knock too many things down.  After breaking the first antique teacup she’d felt so guilty, she’d never climbed to the top of the china cabinet again.

Maybe this was a time she should reach out to the other animals she knew because the yarn lady knew them.  She’d never met them, but had come to know them from emails they sent back and forth.  Some of them seemed to be very kind and good.  Yup, that’s what she should do. 

Subject: How to be a good kitten

Merry Christmas everyone!  I’m just a little kitten, and I need some advice about how to be a good cat.  I did some research on Christmas and Hanukkah, and other than presents and decorations these holidays are about being a better being.  You know, being kinder and more loving – giving of yourself more than looking for others to do things for you.  How can I do that when I’m just a housecat in a household of one human?  I know most of you live with more than one other animal and more than one human, but any advice would be appreciated. 

Thank you…


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