Sunday, December 4, 2011

Working on the Christmas list

Clementine was overwhelmed with the number of things that she could put on her Christmas list/blog.  The more she searched, the more she found, and that's not just talking about cat toys.  There were cat beds, cat clothing (were those humans off their gourds??), special food dishes, outdoor fenced play areas, steps to get to high-to-reach places (cats really didn't need those) cat condos/trees on multiple levels, scratchers, collars along with charms to attach to them, perfume, shampoo, nail enamel (again, were those humans crazy??) and so many different types of gourmet cat treats that she could try one a day for probably a year and still have more she'd never tried.  

Then the toys...squeaking toys, rattling toys, jingling toys, genuine fur toys, fake fur toys, feather toys, balls, laser toys, toys on sticks, toys on strings.  Toys with catnip (hmmm, that sounded good), toys with scents, toys that even moved on their own.  Oh, so much to consider.   

She could eliminate some of the gift suggestions without even thinking.  She did not plan on wearing clothes.  The Great Cat had given her a beautiful fur coat, and she didn't ever plan on covering it, except with the occasional blankie.  Perfumes, shampoos and nail enamel were also among the non-starters.  She didn't like people who smelled like flowers, and cats took care of their own fur, no shampoo needed thank you.  Special food dishes - she had those.  The yarn lady let her use some of her own Momey's special dishes, and there was nothing more special than that.  

The toys were alluring.  She loved to play.  If there was no one or nothing to play with she'd chase her own tail for hours on end (okay, maybe it was only ten minutes, but still it was a long time).  The mousy she'd gotten as a gift was really cool, more like that would be nice, as would some sort of toy that moved on its own and that she could chase.  

Really, though her favorite thing to chase was the yarn balls that the yarn lady made for her.  They were exactly the right size for her mouth (well, except for the two that were bigger than she was), and the yarn lady would throw them for her again and again and again.  The yarn lady laughed and smiled more when they were playing yarn balls than almost any other time, and Clem liked those times best of all.  Perhaps the toy itself wasn't the main thing, it was what happened between her and her human that was important, and that they were yarn balls made just for her made it the best.  

Still, she would like a robotic mouse....

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