Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Cat Club, minus Rudy and LT

Peep was dreading the meeting of the Cat Club on Friday night.  She knew that Fuzzy would challenge her leadership of the group, and she wasn't sure how the rest of the cats would react.  LT had asked her to lead it, though, so she would at least try.  Maybe she'd get lucky and Fuzzy would decide not to come. Yeah, and maybe pigs would fly out of her, well, you know. 

Sunset came and so did the cats.  All of them.  Greymalkin was back from wherever her human had taken her, Loaf Cat had emerged from under the deck, the four cats from down the street arrived and last of all Fuzzy sauntered in.  Peep cleared her throat and opened the meeting.

"As most of you know by now, Rudy and LT have gone to Pottawatomie for the next month, and before he left LT asked me to act as temporary chairman of the Cat Club.  So, I call the meeting to order.  We don't have minutes from last week, since Greymalkin wasn't here, but mostly it was just a discussion about Pottawatomie.  So, let's skip approval of the minutes, okay?"  Peep stuck to the regular meeting format, and just hoped to get through it. 

Greymalkin broke in, saying that they had not approved the last minutes she'd taken.  She was right, so Peep had her report on them, and they were approved with one abstention, from Fuzzy, who either abstained or voted everything down.  For old business they discussed the bee patrols, since it was again bee and wasp season.  Loaf Cat had been helping monitor the stinging insect population since LT and Rudy had left, and she asked him to report on his efforts.  Reluctantly, he said that no hives, nests or swarms had been detected this week. 

Peep reported on the emails that she'd received from Rudy every day about their trip, as this was now old business.  The other cats were disappointed that neither LT nor Rudy had been able to make contact with any Pottawatomie cats.  The last email had said that they were going to a parade on Saturday, where they would meet a number of the Westmoreland cats, and perhaps they would know something about Pottawatomie.  She also reported that they seemed to be having a marvelous time. 

That pretty much took care of the old business, and Peep asked if there was any new business.  Fuzzy raised a paw and announced that he felt there should be elections for the temporary chairman position.  "This isn't a hereditary monarchy, you know.  LT can't just pass on the baton, as it were.  We're a democracy here, right?  Just because we let LT be life chairman doesn't mean he can stick us with my runty sister while he's away.   Who will second my motion?" 

The rest of the cats stared stony faced at Fuzzy, as only cats can.  Not one uttered a sound.  Fuzzy looked around and growled, "Fine, take your Cat Club and, and, well, whatever."  He got up and stalked off. 

Bunny looked after him and said, "Well, that went better than I thought it would.  He'll be back when they come home.  It's been ages since he quit the club 'forever', hasn't it?  He was overdue."  The rest of the cats snickered.  Fuzzy was prone to drama and feeling insulted.  Peep felt sorry for him, even though she was his primary target. 

"He's had a hard life, Bunny.  I can't blame him, even if I don't like how he acts.  I just love him and hope that someday he learns to love himself."  She sighed. 

Since there was no other new business, Peep closed the meeting.  The cats all wanted to hear more about LT and Rudy's trip so Peep sat and answered questions for a good while.  When she couldn't remember something from one of the emails, she invited the cats in while she looked it up.  It was a chance for her to show off her computer skills.  Rudy wasn't the only cat here who could use a computer. 

Peep was reading them the latest email when they heard a car door slam.  In a panic, Peep hit the shut down control on the computer.  It must the Daddy, or maybe even the Mommy.  They couldn't catch her on the computer.  The other cats froze, knowing they could never get out of the house in time.  Hitting the monitor power button, Peep jumped down and led them into the kitchen.  "Let's just act like I invited you all over for a snack, okay?  They have humans over all the time - why can't I invite some friends over?"

The Cat Club, minus Fuzzy, all sat in the kitchen, trying to look innocent.  The Daddy came in the back door and stopped, his hand on the door knob.  Peep could see him counting cats.  One, two, three, four, five, six…seven.  Seven cats, including Peep.  The Daddy shook his head.  "Well, I guess you're not too lonely, Peep with LT and Rudy away.  I do hope you offered your friends a snack.  He went to the cabinet and pulled out the cat treat package. As he was passing out treats to the last of the group, the Mommy opened the door.  "Be careful where you step.  It appears Peep decided to entertain while we were out."  The Mommy looked around, recognizing most if not all the visitors.  She greeted them, and announced that she was tired and was heading to bed. 

The visitors let themselves out through the cat door after they had all finished their treats.  As the Mommy got ready for bed she looked at the Daddy and said, "You don't think she invited them all to live here with us do you?  We'd have to move out and leave the house to the cats if she did."  

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