Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We'll be there tomorrow

Subject: We’ll be there tomorrow

It’s been incredible traveling with your cats, I want you to know.  They’ve been the perfect companions; well, other than Rudy getting put into cat jail, and that wasn’t even her fault.  No matter where we went, they didn’t get lost, didn’t fight with other animals and never pooed outside of the litter box.  As a matter of fact, unless we’ve been on the road, they don’t even use the litter box.  I have two bags of litter to return to you.  Remind me to do that.  Did I tell you that I saw them hanging out with a prairie dog on Sunday?  I was fishing and looked over and there they were sitting with a perfectly comfortable looking prairie dog.  I swear they were having a conversation.  I’ve been spending too much time with cats and not enough time with people, I think. 

It was amazing that your cats found your old neighbor, Lettie.  She said her cat had kittens in your closet?  You’ve got to tell me about that one.  Lettie’s an old dear.  She would have fed us every night if I’d let her.  I think she’s lonely.  She said she’d moved out here to be near one of her children, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working out too well.  She didn’t mention it more than the one time, and always seemed to be ready to have us over.  From the looks of her house, she could spend most of her time dusting, though.  She’s got more doo-dads than I think I’ve ever seen in a house.  Do you think we’ll be like that when we get old?  With you, it would be a house filled with books, I’d bet.  For me, if I ever was home all the time and not on the road, my house would be filled with dozens of projects, most of them half-finished.  Oh, speaking of projects, I made you a little something at Governor’s Day.  They had guy doing basketweaving and supplies for folks to make their own.  I wowed the old guy with my basket making prowess (not) but did make you a basket. 

Well, I think I’ll go get some sleep.  Yesterday was too long between the inspection and the drive and the traffic.  Today’s drive went smoothly – all interstate and no trucks full of pigs.  Expect us late afternoon tomorrow. 


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