Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's December again?

Clem realized late in the afternoon that it was the first day of December.  Last year at this time she'd been a young kitten, well at least a young cat, eager to learn about the holidays the humans celebrated.  They yarn lady had been grand about that.  They'd celebrated Advent and Hanukkah and Christmas and even that solstice thingy that wasn't quite a holiday.  The yarn lady had done so much for her and it had been so much fun to learn those new things.  

It had also been very special because it was the yarn lady's first year in her very own place all by herself.  She'd spent days and days folding those little paper stars and stringing them so she could hang them on the tiny tree she'd bought.  This year she'd just gone into the closet and picked up the tree from the shelf it had sat on all year and plunked it on top of the china cabinet her great-grandfather had made.  It looked as nice as it had last year, but it wasn't the same.  That was probably why the yarn lady had embarked on her cookie project.  She was going to bake a different kind of cookie every day until Christmas, or at least until she ran out of recipes.  So far she'd made chocolate crinkle cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and pecan balls.  Well, she'd made some other cookies first, but they'd turned out horrible.  Clem even thought so, since she'd tried one after the yarn lady had left them on the cookie sheet overnight because she'd decided they were not very good.  

But this year December didn't seem very special.  Was it because she wasn't a kitten, enjoying the magic of the holidays for the first time?  She didn't know.  This required some serious thought on Clementine's part.  How could she make the month special for herself and the yarn lady?  It would be great if she could bring something back from her time travels, maybe something that had significance to the December holidays, but she hadn't found any historical events that had cats in them and had to do with Christmas, Hanukkah or even that solstice thingy.  

Well, meanwhile there were papers to knock off of tables and furniture to shred.  Thinking would have to wait a bit. 

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