Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No way Cat Herder's Day is really a holiday!

Clementine was highly insulted that the yarn lady had created an event on Facebook called Cat Herder's Day. It was wrong on just so many levels.  First and foremost, cats are not herdable animals.  Sheep were animals that could be herded, and that was primarily because they did not possess either the brain power or the personality to think for themselves. 

Even worse, the yarn lady not only created the event, she went and invited almost all her Facebook friends to this event, and asked them to post photos of their attempts to herd their cats.  It somewhat mitigated the insult that the yarn lady acknowledged that cats don't want to be herded, but the idea of multitudes of poor cats having their pictures taken being humiliated.  The idea that most certainly the yarn lady would be attempting to her her on Saturday and posting a photo of it was...well there weren't words to describe how Clem felt.  Although, she did like having her photo on the interwebs, and often did terribly cute things in order to have her photo taken, this was not an occasion for which she wanted to be photographed.  

She was seriously considering finding some place to hide and staying there all day on Saturday, simply to prevent the yarn lady from taking a photo of her that day.  I mean, honestly, any photo of a cat would suffice, since whatever the cat was doing could be interpreted as 'not being herded'.  So, she'd have to find a place to hide that even if the yarn lady found her, she wouldn't be able to take a photo of her.  That meant that her most comfortable hiding place, the linens shelf in the bathroom closet was out.  The yarn lady could take a photo of her by simply opening the door, pointing the camera and clicking the button.  

The best place might be the top of the cabinets in the kitchen all the way in the corner.  The cabinets were barely wide enough that she could squeeze all the way into the corner and not be visible from the floor, and even if the yarn lady *did* find her, she wouldn't be able to get a picture without climbing on something really tall, and the yarn lady avoided climbing on things, as she might fall off and hurt herself.  

She had a couple days to figure out the best place to hide, or maybe she'd really freak the yarn lady out and allow herself to be herded, therefore destroying the whole ironic atmosphere of the holiday.  She'd have to think about it....

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