Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FAQ: Important Cats (and a few humans)

For those of you who haven't read this blog for the past six years, it's hard to keep the cats straight without a scorecard.  So, here's a list of the cats, and a few assorted humans - 

The Cats

LT – An elder statesman of cats.  He’s been with the Daddy since he was rescued from a truck lot as a wee kitten.  

Miss Rudy – Adopted by the Mommy as a kitten to keep down the mice at the barn where Grey (her horse) lived.  She came to live at the Daddy and Mommy’s house after said horse stepped on her, severely bruising her hind legs.  Getting on in years, she’s a bit stiff in the hindquarters, but doesn’t blame Grey for stepping on her. 

Fuzzy – Born nearby and has lived his whole life in the neighborhood.  He was a littermate Peep, who was adopted by the Daddy to stave her from starvation and Fuzzy.  She was the sweetest and most beautiful cat ever to walk the earth.  Fuzzy’s still a stray, but the Daddy feeds him.

Bunny, Snoogums, Ladybug and Mr. Snuggles - They live down the street from LT and Rudy and are members of the Cat Club.  When they first moved in, they pretended to be a fierce gang of thugs, but they didn’t fool anyone for very long. 

Greymalkin – A local cat and member of the Cat Club.  She had a career as a businesscat and acts as the very efficient secretary for the club.

Clementine – A dainty tortie (tortoiseshell tabby) who lives with the Yarn Lady.  She is the Princess of Quite A Lot.  She has a loving personality and a sweet meow. 

Ezekiel – A monster-sized marmalade tabby who lives with the Yarn Lady.  He is all boy and quite rambunctious. He loves to sing. 

Ginger – A beautiful orange tabby who used to live near LT and Rudy.  LT acted as a surrogate father to the litter of kittens Ginger had in the Daddy’s spare room closet. 
Titus – The pick of Ginger’s litter of kittens.  He’s all heart.  

The Humans

The Daddy – He works out of his home as a diesel mechanic, and is a real softie when it comes to cats. 

The Mommy – She has a job three hours from home, and so is only in New Jersey on weekends.  She has two cats where she stays near her job, but they aren’t in this story. 

The Yarn Lady – A friend of the Daddy and Mommy who lives in the next town.  She adopted Clem three years ago and she rescued Zeke to save him from being sent to a shelter.  Although Clem and Zeke have never met LT and Rudy, they correspond frequently by email.  The Yarn Lady seems to be the only human with whom the cats communicate, and even then it’s only by email.  She does find it odd when her own cats send her email, considering they’re sitting next to her as she’s reading it.  

Lettie – Ginger’s human companion.  She moved to Kansas a few months after Ginger’s kittens were born, but has since moved back to New Jersey. 

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