Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Again

It seemed to Rudy that spring had lasted about ten minutes.  She was convinced the weather had gone from cold and miserable to hot and miserable while she had been napping one day.  Perhaps there’d been a few days of wet and miserable that were neither particularly hot nor cold, but they certainly weren’t what Rudy would have considered to be spring.  Warm balmy breezes, tender young leaves on the trees, those were the signs of spring, along with the return of the bullfrog and the absence of Fuzzy on the living room armchair each morning. 
Over the past few years LT and Rudy had come to a somewhat uncomfortable truce with Fuzzy, mostly because the Daddy wanted them all to get along.  Fuzzy didn’t have a real home, and the Daddy felt that no cat should have to sleep outside in winter.  So when Fuzzy started creeping in at night through the cat door, LT and Rudy learned to look the other way.  It was kind of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ situation.  Fuzzy didn’t announce he was there and they didn’t pay any attention to him.
So it was a surprise to the cats when the Daddy looked up at breakfast one morning and said, “I haven’t seen Fuzzy for at least a week.  Have you seen him, LT?”  The two cats looked at each other, each thinking that no, they hadn’t seen him either.  For summertime, that wasn’t unusual.  Fuzzy had a variety of households he visited to beg for food, so he often was gone for days at a time.  But a week?  

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