Friday, August 13, 2010

Another late night watching TV

It was 2:30 in the morning, and Rudy’s attention was riveted to the television screen.  Another episode of One Life to Live.  As a commercial came on she heard LT addressing her.  “Rudy – will you listen to me now?”

“I’m sorry, LT.  Were you talking to me?”  Rudy half turned so that she could see LT, but also the screen so she’d know when her story came back on.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes.  Peep said she was in here twenty minutes ago, asking you to help us with something, but you wouldn’t even answer her.  I didn’t believe her until I tried it myself!”  What is with you and this TV show, Rudy?”  LT wasn’t a big fan of any TV shows unless they included small prey animals or fish.

“Well, it’s these people in the story.  There’s Natalie and Jessica, you see they’re sisters and they’re both pregnant and…wait, it’s starting again.  Talk to me when it’s over.”  Rudy turned her attention to the television screen and didn’t even hear LT leave the room.

Peep and LT sat in the kitchen discussing Rudy and her obsession with this ridiculous show.  “I don’t think it’s healthy, LT.  Television shows life with humans, which is dysfunctional for us cats to begin with, but soap operas show the worst parts of human life, and they squish them all in the same show.  Most shows stick with one thing.  Police shows depict crimes.  Doctor shows have sick people.  Dramas show people dealing with all sorts of personal problems.  Soap operas do it all.  The characters are mean and sick and commit terrible crimes, but never seem to have any lasting consequences.  And on top of that the acting is so bad – I bet Rudy is so overly dramatic because she watches this stupid show.”

“You may have a point, Peep.  Let’s talk to her when it’s over.  I mean, we know she likes to watch it, but if she doesn’t take it too seriously then it shouldn’t be a problem.  I mean, you’re obsessed with catching the frogs in the pond and we don’t think that’s a problem.”  So, the cats waited until the show was over at 3:00 am.

Rudy sauntered into the kitchen, muttering to herself, and was confronted by two cats sitting up and waiting for her.  “Oh, um, you’re still up both of you?  Well, I’m just getting a snack.  So much to think about….”  She tried to edge around Peep, figuring it would be easier to push her out of the way.  

Eying her, LT was a bit worried.  She seemed, well, agitated.  Why would a cat be agitated over a silly TV show?  “Rudy, we’re concerned about you watching that soap opera show.”

LT didn’t get any further.  Rudy broke in, “There’s just so much going on right now and I just hate to miss an episode.  I know I can read the synopsis on the computer, but it’s not the same if I can’t see their faces and know what they’re thinking about.  It’s mostly about Natalie.  You know she’s pregnant, but because she mated that one time with Brody, the baby may not be John’s it might be Brody’s.  I’m so glad that she’s decided not to get the abortion, but it looks like Brody might tell Jessica, and that would blow up the relationship not just with the two sisters, but maybe between John and Natalie and Brody and Jessica.  That would just be the worst thing that could happen.”  

Rudy stopped to catch her breath, shaking her head.  LT said sternly, “Rudy, listen to yourself.  These people aren’t real!  They’re not our Mommy and Daddy or even the yarn lady or the Daddy’s friend.  We don’t know them, and from what you say, it’s a pretty sick story.  They all sound so selfish.  I know some humans are like that, but not ours and cats just aren’t like that.  We look out for each other, and that’s why we’re here talking to you now.”

Peep moved closer to Rudy.  “Do Mommy and Daddy act like the humans in this show?  No, they don’t.  Why would you want to watch a show about such sick people?”  

Rudy looked coldly at Peep.  “Why do you like to watch cooking shows?  You don’t cook.  You can’t – you have no thumbs.  What I watch is my business and I’m asking you to stay out of it.”  Rudy stalked back into the living room and out the cat door.  

“Well, that didn’t go well.  Peep, I’m glad you told me about this.  Since I’m not inside much I didn’t realize that she watches this show every night, or day if she can, and how wound up she was in the story.  We’ll keep an eye on her.  Maybe it’s not as bad as we think, and it’s just some days that she’s like this.”

Peep didn’t think so, but she agreed that they’d just watch Rudy for now.  And she thought, what could be the problem with being obsessed with a TV show?  As long as it didn’t wake Daddy up, she could probably watch all she wanted.

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