Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Email from Nigeria

Rudy sat in front of the Daddy’s computer monitor, debating whether or not she should check her email.  Other than her correspondence with the yarn lady and Tatum, everything in her mailbox over the past month seemed to be either garbage or things she’d rather not see, such as email scams or replies to her personal ad from folks who weren’t even cats.  Well, maybe there was an email from Tatum or the yarn lady that needed her attention.  So, she clicked on the link to get her mail.  

Garbage, garbage, garbage.  Almost all were ads for things a cat was not interested in.  She didn’t need any pharmaceuticals, and even if she did, the doses would be for humans, and those amounts would be way too strong for her.  There was an email from Tatum from last week, talking about how much he missed the humans in his house that were on vacation.  Too late to be sympathetic on that one – they were already home.  Oops – one from the yarn lady asking if Rudy would keep an eye on the blog while she was gone to make sure there were entries by 6PM, and if not fill in.  

Rudy groaned as she saw one from the man in who said he was from Nigeria.  She’d deleted the last one because she didn’t want to give away Daddy’s identity or his money.  Well, she should at least see what the scammer had to say.  “Rudy, I have not heard from you, and I was so counting on your assistance.  You sounded like a loving and generous cat who would be willing to help someone who lives so very far from you.  Please send me the information I need.”  

Steeling herself, Rudy composed a reply to him.  “Dear scammer.  As a cat, I am not familiar with the ways humans cheat each other and steal from them.  Luckily, I have a human friend who is aware of those things, and she told me about these email scams that end up in the person sending lots of money to the scammer, or my human’s identity being stolen.  I am a loving cat, but I love my family and care for them.  Therefore, I will not be sending you any of the information you requested.  I hope the Great Cat awakens your conscience and you stop preying on other people.  We cats hunt to catch what we need to live, but scammers like you take money undeserved from good folk who just want to help people.”

Having finished her email, Rudy surfed the internet for a bit, looking for information on email scams.  She thought she might be a little less vulnerable if she was aware of ways humans tried to cheat and steal using computers.  She was deep into an article on key loggers when she heard the sound that indicated she had new email.  

She switched to the window that showed her incoming mail and was surprised to find a response from the scammer, as she now thought of him.  “I am sorry dear Rudy that I attempted to defraud such a sweet cat as yourself.  Yes, I was trying to do just this, but I have never done such a thing before, and would not be doing it now if I was not so destitute.  I am trying to support not only my own three children and sick wife, but the wife and six children of my brother, who was murdered last year.  Although I work at least twelve hours each day I cannot make ends meet.  So, I resorted to such trickery.  I hope you can forgive me, and perhaps even continue to correspond with me for encouragement.  I am truly sorry for my deception.”

Wow.  That was not what Rudy had expected.  She’d thought she’d never hear from the guy again, or he would deny the scam and still try to get Daddy’s information from her.  She wasn’t sure she’d respond to him, but it did give her something to think about.  Maybe the Great Cat did touch his conscience and he’d be a better person.  

Photo courtesy of Matt Law - http://www.flickr.com/photos/aboutmattlaw/3654713501/

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