Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meeting baby Elliott

Greymalkin was armed with the advice from her friends at the Cat Club, and wanted to see what she should do about or with this baby.  Up to now she hadn’t been near enough to it to even know what it could do.  She didn’t think it was old enough to walk or get its own food, so she guessed she’d need to be nice to it.  And was it a male or a female?  She knew how to figure that out for cats, but not for baby humans.  

Greymalkin hesitantly approached her human’s daughter.  She didn’t even know if the baby’s mommy would even let her within ten feet of it.  When she wasn’t shooed away she rubbed up against the babymommy’s legs.  She reached down and said, “Oh, Greymalkin, it’s so good to see you again.  I’ve missed you.  May I introduce you to the newest member of our family?”  She reached over and picked up the baby from some sort of plastic contraption.  “This is baby Elliott.  He’s five months old.”  

The babymommy, who was called Missy by her mother, held Elliott on her lap and Greymalkin put her front paws up on the chair seat to look at the baby.  Elliott was a male name; she was pretty sure of that, although sometimes humans gave odd names to their offspring.  Things like Moxie Crimefighter and Sage Moonblood.  Missy held Elliott so that Greymalkin could get a good look at him.

Elliott cooed and laughed and then dribbled on his shirt.  Nope, no way this baby could do anything for himself.  He didn’t even seem to have a lot of control of his arms and legs, which flailed around as he saw Greymalkin.  She thought to herself, “He is kind of cute, in a furless kitten sort of way.”   She nosed one of the feet when it relaxed onto Missy’s lap and decided that the baby smelled lovely.  Kind of perfumy, even.  A light clean scent.  

Greymalkin’s whiskers must have tickled Elliott’s foot because he let out a loud screech and she backed up quickly, looking at Missy to see if she was upset.  In fact, she said, “Elliott, you scared poor Greymalkin!  She can’t know you’re just laughing because your foot got tickled.”  

She approached again and looked baby Elliott full in the face.  She could get used to having one of these around the house.  Cute, smells good, can’t move on his own and get in my way.  She gave his foot a lick to let him know that she’d take care of him and retreated to the kitchen for a snack.  It would be good to have a baby in the house....

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