Thursday, August 12, 2010

The morning coffee and milk time

Another morning, another dish of milk.  LT and Jason were having a leisurely breakfast.  This was their special time together when they’d have milk and coffee, respectively, and enjoy each other’s company.  LT had jumped up on the table in anticipation of his special dish of milk, and settled down to drink it carefully once it appeared on the table.  Usually Jay drank his coffee and read his book, occasionally reaching over to scratch LT’s ears, but this morning he was talkative.

Over the years Jay had learned that LT was a very good listener, although he wasn’t big on feedback or advice.  He’d even noticed, or thought he did, that LT would pay close attention when he talked about something that was bothering him.  

Today it was mostly just planning talk.  What jobs needed to be done around the house and where he had to go for work today.  He listed the groceries he needed to buy, including cat food within the next day or two.  LT perked up his ears at that.  It wouldn’t do to run out of cat food, but Jay always provided for them.  Then he started talking about the Mommy, how he was glad that she was going to be home early this week, but that he wished she were around more.  

When she had come to live with them five years ago, LT wasn’t thrilled.  It had been just perfect when it had been Jay, LT and the Peep.  She’d moved in her stuff, and rearranged things that had been in the house since he’d been a kitten.  She was just, well, around, so much.  LT had moved himself outside when he realized she was here to stay, barely coming inside to eat.  Invader!  Homewrecker!  

As time went on, though, he began to see her finer points.  She cooked better than Jay did, and was generous with what she cooked.  Peep told him of the bacon, sausage, chicken and pork chop pieces she’d eaten, and LT thought that maybe he’d spend a little more time in the house.  He found that if he was in the house at meal time, the Mommy would provide tidbits of most anything she was cooking, even vegetables, although LT didn’t eat those.  And she did love Jay.  She did things to make the house nice and snuggled with him.  LT decided then that she was alright with him.

Now that she wasn’t around except on the weekends, LT found that he missed her too.  Not just the food, although he did miss that.  Jay missed her, and that made LT sad.  He tried to make up for it by making sure that he never missed breakfast with Jay, except for when he sometimes overslept.  

This morning LT heard the sadness in Jay’s voice and when he finished his milk walked over and rubbed against his hand.  He couldn’t make up for the Mommy’s absence, but he could show Jay how much he loved him.

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