Monday, August 2, 2010

Rudy checking her email

Rudy checked her email for the first time since she’d revised that horrible personal ad she’d put on Craigslist.  Actually, the ad wasn’t horrible, but the responses weren’t from cats.  She’d been scared to check it on Wednesday, and then had forgotten the ad altogether.  She wasn’t sure what she’d find, as it turns out that most cats probably don’t read Craigslist.  Probably more humans who thought she was just being cute.  

There was an email from the yarn lady, saying that she’d forgotten to talk to the Daddy about the new name they’d chosen when she came over on Saturday.  With all the excitement with Mommy’s bee sting, it had slipped the yarn lady’s mind.  She did say that she’d put something about it in an email she’d sent the Daddy on Sunday night.  Well, if he needed to change his name, he had a good option now.  Horatio.  That had been one of her choices.  It sounded so heroic, and Daddy certainly was her hero.  

There was one very interesting email.  Someone wrote, saying that he needed help getting his money out of Nigeria.  Something about a government takeover and how he needed someone outside of his country to get his money and that he’d give half of it to whoever helped him.  Rudy wondered how he would have known her email address and why he’d be looking for a cat to help.  Heavens knows, she didn’t have a bank account to transfer the funds into, but she sent him an email anyway, explaining she was a cat who would be happy to help in any way she could.  Poor man, it sounded just like the Daddy – people taking his money.  Maybe she could help someone else, since it didn’t seem like there was anything she could do to help Daddy.  

There were several emails from humans who still thought that another human had written the ad.  Dead-ends.  There was one email that looked like it might be promising, though.  A guy in Freehold wrote that he had a male cat who would probably like to meet Rudy.  She saw that there was an attachment and clicked on it, hoping that it would be a handsome tom.  The attachment took a few seconds to open, but when it did, she shut it immediately.  That was not a cat by any means, and if male humans wanted to send her their pictures, they should at least keep their clothes on.  

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