Sunday, August 29, 2010

Studying Sunday

It was a lazy Sunday morning.  The Mommy had cooked breakfast for everyone, including some bacon for the cats.  They loved bacon, and often hung around on weekends hoping she would make it.  A lot of the time she was too busy, but this morning she’d decided that she needed some brain food, as she had a lot of studying to do for work.  Peep daintily ate her piece of bacon and sat back to see if more would be forthcoming.  It didn’t look good for second helpings as Mommy turned off the burner and sat down to eat her bacon and eggs.

Mommy and Daddy were talking about all the things that needed to get done, but what Mommy really needed to do was study.  She had a big course to finish for work and it had to be done by Monday night.  So, when she finished eating, she put her dishes in the sink for later washing and settled down on the couch with her computer.  

Peep thought she’d stay in for a bit and help her to study.  She used to help her a lot with her math, but that was easier, because Peep could sit on the textbook or her notebooks and point out the correct answers.  She’d found that sleeping on the text books when Mommy wasn’t studying gave her enough understanding of the subject that she could help her when she worked on her homework.  

This type of studying was a lot more difficult.  It involved lots of facts that Mommy had to remember and use to take tests.  And *shudder* it had to do with human business things.  Buying stuff, selling stuff, distributing stuff, figuring out when stuff was needed.  Peep couldn’t understand why humans weren’t more like cats.  If you needed food and there was none in the bowl, well you went out and caught it and ate it.  If your fur was dirty, you sat down and groomed. 
She supposed it had to do with humans’ lack of fur.  They had to put clothes on to keep warm or not get a sunburn and then the clothes needed to be washed.  They wore out or didn’t fit and humans needed to buy new ones.  They also didn’t like to eat things like raw mice or rabbits or grass.  So, they had to go to the grocery store sometimes.  Even if they had a garden and grew vegetables, they couldn’t live just on those.  

Come to think of it, cats didn’t study things like humans did.  A mother cat trained her kittens to groom, use the litter box or go outside to poo and how to hunt for mice.  Cats also trained their kittens in how to get along with other cats and how to protect their territories.  Other than that, there weren’t a lot of things that cats needed to know.  Why did humans think they needed all this information?  

Peep watched Mommy study and peeped at her to encourage her studying.  Unfortunately, the effect of that was that Mommy stopped studying and kissed her and scratched her head.  That was lovely, but it wasn’t going to help Mommy study.  Peep sat next to the computer and touched the screen to prompt Mommy to get back to work.  Mommy replied, “I know Peep, I have to study.  But you know I’d really rather play with you.”  

Peep lay down on the couch and decided that purring support would be the best idea.  She drifted off to sleep, as it had been literally hours since her last nap.  A while later she felt someone moving her, but was too comfy to wake up.  When she finally awoke several hours later she found her Mommy asleep next to her.  As she stretched, Peep wondered if the Mommy had finished her studying and if she should wake her up.  Mommy looked so comfortable there, Peep decided to leave her – work needs to be tempered with naps.  

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