Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tatum, filling in for Ande

Hello, this is Tatum here.  Ande is on vacation this week, and she asked me to fill in for any days she couldn’t get her internet connection.  She said that the wireless signals on Block Island aren’t very good.  She told me all about how she has to take a boat ride for a whole hour to get to the place where she goes, and I guess the signals don’t go that far too well.

I’ve never written a blog before, but she told me just to write about what we’re doing around here while she and the noisy kid are gone.  Well, it’s quiet.  Very quiet, actually.  Ande doesn’t make a whole lot of noise, unless she’s dropping something or falling over and going, “Ooomph,” but the noisy kid is really noisy.  She likes to play music a lot.  The music is really good (better than Ande’s taste in music, actually), but she plays it loud and dances around when it’s playing.  Ande listens to things like weird a cappella folk music sung by people with funny accents and really old music that has too much melody and not enough beat.  

Yesterday morning I slept.  Ursula slept too.  Then I woke up and found some nice squishy food that my loving Daddy left me and ate some of that.  After that I slept some more.  I like sleeping on the big bed because it’s so nice and soft.  Even the sheets are soft, and Ursula can’t find me when I’m on the bed because I sleep in the middle.  She woke me up early in the afternoon, walking around the house and calling for me.  She was lonely, I think.  Ursula isn’t used to being by herself.  I’m not either, really, but I kind of like it.  When I lived at the SPCA there were always lots and lots of cats around, even if we were all in our cages, so I am a cat that appreciates solitude.  Ursula on the other hand, gets scared when she can’t find anyone, kind of like the noisy kid.  

I went downstairs and Ursula and I played chase for a while.  She is a very bossy cat.  She thinks because she’s lived here longer she’s the boss of me.  It’s easier to let her think that, so I go along with it mostly.  When I get tired of playing chase I go sit in the window or on top of the tower that my loving Daddy got for me.  Well, maybe he got it for both of us, but I think it was for me, since he didn’t get it until after I came to live here.  He thought I’d like sitting on the little platform inside it.  I really like to sit on top, because then I can see outside and also what Ursula is up to.  

After we chased I sat in the window and watched the outdoors.  It’s better than television.  It has birds and bugs and if I watch long enough my Daddy drives in and comes inside to spend time with me.  When he came home yesterday he did something on his computer, watched some television and did stuff around the house.  I think he ate something too and made sure we had crunchies and water.  

After that he went to bed, and I went to sleep too.  Well, that was our day here at home.  I wonder if they’re having this much fun up on Block Island?

Tatum, your blogger for today

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